Welcome a New Resident to the Neighborhood • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Make a direct and enthusiastic welcoming statement.
2Introduce yourself and your family.
3Offer any specific assistance you are truly prepared to give.
4Express a desire for future cooperation and good relationships among neighbors.


Use welcome letters to establish a friendly relationship with new neighbors and to promote future cooperation. Introduce yourself and your family, and offer whatever specific assistance you are prepared to give.

Example Letter #1


Dear (name),

Let us be among the first to welcome you to our city.

The Chamber of Commerce is where members rub shoulders and help each other out. We know you'll be a great asset. We want to invite you to enjoy the fun and business comradery of being a member of the Chamber. Our next luncheon is (location, date).

There's no obligation, just a chance to get to know us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 555-5555. We all look forward to meeting you!


Example Letter #2


Welcome to our corner of the world! I hope you will be as happy here as our family has been. My husband, John, and I have three children ages five, seven, and fourteen attending school at Springfield Elementary and Lincoln High. I have been told your children are about the same ages. John is an investment counselor at Doe Bank and is an avid golfer. I love gardening and children.

Our neighborhood is a nice mixture of retired people, active working men and women, and young families. If I can help you find your way around Springfield, please call me at 555-5555. I would be happy to introduce you to our doctor, dentist, bank, or help with any other need you might have. Also, Springfield Elementary School is having an ice cream social this Friday at 6:00 p.m. We would like you to come with us to the social. It would give our families an opportunity to get better acquainted, and you could meet the teachers. Please let me know if you can go with us.

Example Letter #3


We are delighted that you have moved in next door. Our girls, ages eight and eleven, have needed young friends in this neighborhood for a long time, and they were thrilled to learn that you have two daughters the same age.

We are excited to meet your entire family. Please feel free to drop in on us when you have settled into your home.

Example Letter #4


Welcome to the neighborhood! We're so pleased to have you as our new neighbors. We hope you will enjoy living here in Springfield. Our family has lived in this neighborhood for three years, and we love it here.

We live next door to you in the green house. John works for Doe Corporation here in Springfield, and I work part-time at the Springfield Library. We have two sons, Eric and Fred, who are attending Springfield High School. They have already noticed that you have children near their age, and they are anxiously waiting to meet them.

We're looking forward to meeting your family and getting to know you better. Please let us know if we can help you in some way; we know how difficult moving can be. We'd like to have you over soon so we can get better acquainted. Would next Sunday night be a good time for you? Just drop by or call (if your phone is hooked up) and let us know if that's convenient. If not, we'll arrange another time.

We hope you will enjoy Springfield and our neighborhood as much as we do. We look forward to meeting you.

Example Letter #5


Every time I see a moving van in our neighborhood, I get excited. New people bring vitality, new ideas to an area. I am certain that you are no exception. We are your neighbors three doors to the north, the Does: John, Jane, Eric, and Fred. We are taking some trash to the dump on Saturday. If you like, we could haul your moving boxes to the dump for you. If I haven't heard from you by that morning, I'll drop by on our way just to make sure. You can reach us at 555-5555.

Once again, welcome. We are pleased to have you as neighbors.


Offer any specific assistance you are truly prepared to give.

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