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Executive Team

Melvin Luthy

Dr. Melvin J. Luthy—Chief Editor

Before joining the Brigham Young University faculty, Melvin Luthy taught at Indiana University and Wisconsin State University-Oshkosh. He began his tenure at BYU as part of the English faculty and taught for both the English and Linguistics Departments for many years. His publications have appeared in such journals as Language Learning, College English, Scandinavian Studies, and College Composition and Communication. He has also published software for both English and Finnish studies. He served as chair of the BYU Faculty Advisory Council, Chair of the Linguistic Department, and then became an Associate Dean of the College of Humanities and the Director of the Center for Language Studies at BYU. He produced the linguistic content for the WriteExpress Rhymer and Phonetic Finder, and was the main editor for Easy Letters, 3,001 Business & Sales Letters and and 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters.

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Listen to a Sky Radio interview with WriteExpress co-founder, Melvin Luthy PhD. Dr. Luthy shares his insights on effective writing and how your ability to write persuasively will help you become more successful in any business or profession.

Robert Stevens, WriteExpress

Robert Stevens—CEO and Lead Programmer

Mr. Stevens completed his graduate course work in Computer Science at Brigham Young University in 1988. He received a B.S. in 1985, also in Computer Science at BYU. His professional career includes programming on highly visible software teams at Disney, WordPerfect, Novell, Broderbund, and InstallShield. In 1995 Mr. Stevens co-founded WriteExpress. His day-to-day management of its Web sites and products resulted in compounded annual growth.

Larry Barkdull

Larry Barkdull—Professional Writer

Larry Barkdull was an American publisher and writer of books, music, art and magazines. He published the Tabernacle Choir Performance Library, and over 600 products for numerous authors, composers and artists. His books have won various awards: American Family Best Fiction Award; Benjamin Franklin Book Award; and the Book of the Year Award from Foreword Magazine.

Alice Feathers—Professional Writer

Alice Feathers was a writer, editor, and proofreader for over 10 years. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University where she won writing contests, had her papers published in BYU journals and edited several professors' papers to prepare them for publication in national journals.

In the process of attaining a Master of Arts in Teaching English, Alice was the main editor for the Distance Learning Journals published by the Linguistics Department at BYU.

Alice has worked at Burrelle's Press Clipping Company, where she edited and proofread national news articles. She also worked for IBM where she edited and authenticated an informative computer program for grade-school children.

Her work at WriteExpress was outstanding. She wrote, edit, and proofreaded college papers and articles in a variety of categories. She was also one of the writers who helped to develop the 3,001 Business & Sales Letters program. Additionally, she has written example business letters and articles for WriteExpress.

With extensive experience in writing and editing academic and professional papers, Alice helped many "C" students receive "A's" on their important papers and get their theses ready for committee approval.

Stacie Heaps

Stacie Heaps, Professional Writer and Editor

Stacie has written or edited a wide variety of articles, books, legal documents, business and personal letters, college application letters, business proposals, scholarly publications, instructor and user manuals and guides, academic essays and reports, résumés and cover letters, personal histories and essays, style guides, works of fiction, text for software applications, technical manuals, and other documents. She has written or edited documents on business writing, fundraising, sales, finance, medical care, housecleaning and yard care, outdoor recreation, health and beauty, and more. She has also written promotional material and introduction letters for various companies and products. In the last few years, she has had six articles published or accepted for publication in two international magazines.

Stacie has written several business articles for WriteExpress on a number of topics, including recommendation letters, inquiry letters, complaint letters, follow-up letters, resignation letters, and the like. She has also written tips and steps for writing various kinds of business letters and has written numerous articles on business and academic writing and on topics of grammar and style.

Stacie graduated from the university magna cum laude with a 3.96 GPA. She received her bachelor degree in English and minors in editing and Spanish, and she has since earned her certification in technical communication, as well. While pursuing her degree she completed five editing internships. These helped prepare her for full-time work as an editor, which she loves.

Stacie works as an independent contractor doing writing and editing for WriteExpress and also as a freelance writer and editor for WriteAway!, LLC. You can reach her by phone at 801-374-2931.

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What is Writers' Block?

"Writer's block is a phenomenon involving temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing, usually due to lack of inspiration or creativity." Wikipedia

Because we know how painful writer's block can be, our products help you to eliminate it. Since it happens to all writers, we put the apostrophe after the "s" making the phrase plural: hence our registered trademark: Unblocking Writers' Block®

Why Us?

Making lasting impressions and strengthening your business relationships is important to the image you present. WriteExpress software allows you to create impressive documents that motivate and impress your recipients.

WriteExpress ready-made letters and templates can be used as a basis for fast and high-quality documents. They are completely customizable and ready for immediate download.

We have not only designed letters that are right for you, we've also made them simple to find. These letters are ideal for business or home use, and are available in quanities up to more than 4,000. With our advanced editing, you'll always make the right choice with WriteExpress. And you'll never compromise on quality.

Since 1997 WriteExpress has published affordable letter examples (US English) on a wide range of sales, business, and personal topics, literally from A (acceptances) to W (Welcomes). Our researching writer-editors systematically revise the letters for tone, vocabulary, sentence structure, and overall effectiveness, so you get premium quality content.


Robert Stevens and Dr. Melvin Luthy founded WriteExpress in December of 1994. Their partnership began in 1989 when they created a Rhyming Dictionary in cooperation with WordPerfect. Luthy, a professor of linguistics and former chair of the Brigham Young University linguistics department, built the phonetic database and Stevens programmed the software. Later, Luthy and Stevens worked on their second project—to take the WordPerfect Rhyming Dictionary and transform it into the Novell GroupWise Telephone Access Server (TAS) Text-To-Speech Exceptions Dictionary.

The sheer volume of writing that these projects demanded brought to light a common problem that would-be writers face daily—writers' block. How does a non writer write something well? No tool existed to help amateur writers sound like experts. Word processing, beyond providing a thesaurus, had never addressed the problem of a blank screen. From that point, Luthy and Stevens began brainstorming how they could boost writers' confidence.

By 1995, they had settled on an idea to create the ultimate writing tool. They hired more than thirty editors to write the database. Some of the editors were part-time faculty in the BYU English department. Others were free-lance editors or English MA graduates from Brigham Young University.

Ron Millet, the father of full-text searching and indexing and principal author of Novell's patented QuickFinder search engine, willingly integrated his brainchild.

Brian Wistisen, a former writing tools tester at WordPerfect, spearheaded the testing effort.

Scott Faulring, a software usability expert, provided weekly design and usability feedback. The developers experimented with many ideas, testing, adjusting, and testing again until Faulring's team felt that anyone could use the software.

Luthy and Stevens released the software in March 1997, after twenty-seven months of development, and named their product WriteExpress Interactive Business Letters—designed to be the ultimate writing tool to help amateurs write like professionals.

WriteExpress software continues to win industry awards, including the prestigious "ZD Net 5-Star Editors' Pick Award"—and is a favorite tool among both English and non-English writers.

Our experience with the Easy Letters writing program taught us that some of our users could benefit from even more sales and marketing letters than we had included in the original Easy Letters program. Our development team has now created 900 additional sales and marketing letters to go with the full content of the original award-wining Easy Letters program, which contains over 2200 letters on 500 topics, with example sentences and phrases. We call the entire new compilation of 3,000+ letters 3,001 Business & Sales Letters. You get the full benefit of the original Easy Letters program, plus 900 more sales and marketing letters.

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