How to Write a Welcome Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers
  1. Write your welcome letter to demonstrate to others that you value them
    Express your appreciation. If you have met them, mention something of interest. Use this opportunity to cement a business relationship or charm your neighbors.

    Remember, the right welcome letter can help you win friends and influence customers.

  2. Keep it short, inviting, and to the point
  3. Attach a gift or provide useful information
    Send baked bread or yummy cookies. Or, include a Welcome to the neighborhood guide with important maps and phone numbers. How about including free movie or dinner tickets, or a coupon for free babysitting?

    With such a warm welcome, who wouldn't feel appreciated!

  4. Include an invitation to a special event
    Promote your products or services with an invitation to a sale or open house.

    You may invite the reader to participate in your organization or association. It may also be appropriate to offer whatever specific assistance you are willing to give.

  5. Use language that conveys your enthusiasm or appreciation
    Help the reader feel that he or she belongs.