Transmit a Document For Review, Correction, or Other Action

Sample Letter #1

Per your request, I have enclosed a rough draft of the advertising proposal. It is always nice to get a second opinion before the final draft is printed so I welcome any suggestions you may have.

As our client has requested the proposal by April 15, 2002, I need your feedback by April 1, in order to include your ideas in the final draft. Thank you for your concern and assistance.

Sample Letter #2

I am enclosing a copy of the lease agreement I have written for the Doe condominiums. Please edit it for completeness and grammatical correctness and return it to me by Tuesday. Thank you for your help.

Sample Letter #3

Attached are the minutes of our last agency meeting. Please review them for accuracy, note any changes you would make, and sign in the space provided. I need the minutes on my desk by 4:00 p.m. Friday. I appreciate your insights and suggestions.

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