How to Write a Transmittal Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers
  1. Establish good will.
  2. Make your transmittal letter as clear and neat as possible.
  3. Keep your letters brief (usually no more than one page).
  4. Include important dates or deadlines that the reader should be made aware of.
  5. Identify the contents of the package you send when sending a bid, proposal, or quotation in response to a request. Your letter of transmittal should address your client, and it should briefly explain the title of the enclosed proposal or other document, delineate the research completed to produce the document, and outline the major sections of the document.
  6. Answer questions not covered in your company literature when accompanying examples or information are requested by a customer or potential client.
  7. Promote further sales when sending a transmittal letter with a customer's order by reminding the reader of the product's good qualities.

What is a transmittal letter?

  • A well-written letter of transmittal clarifies your desires and instructions.
  • Transmittal letters are often used to accompany drafts or contracts that are being sent for review or approval. They also accompany contracts with signatures.
  • Generally speaking, a transmittal letter accompanies a document and explains what the document is, why it should receive the reader's consideration, and what the reader should do with it.
  • Letters of transmittal provide the opportunity to remind a reader of a report title and to highlight points of interest. The letter may also contain sensitive or confidential information that is related to, but not a part of, the report.
  • If you are sending a transmittal letter to accompany supplies, equipment, etc., that are being sent to someone within the company, that person's concerns are the same as those of any other customer, and he or she should receive the same consideration.