Transmit a Progress Report, an Analytical Study, a Formal Report, or a Manuscript For Use Within an Organization • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


It is in your best interest, as well as the company's, to keep internal communications frequent and relevant. This letter shows your concern for the task at hand, and it helps others monitor progress.

How to write this transmittal letter:

  1. Establish a context for your letter. Mention the date the task was assigned, the reason for the report, and who made the assignment.
  2. Briefly summarize your response to the research and writing assignment.
  3. Tell the reader why you are sending the document at this time.
  4. Briefly summarize the document's contents or main conclusions.
  5. Discuss important questions, problems, or concerns, such as deadlines, design issues, or limitations that hindered the writing process or which come out in the report.
  6. Express appreciation for help and/or indicate what action the reader should take next.

Example Letter #1


As many of you are aware, Doe Corporation extended an invitation to the Johnson Group (an organizational behavior firm), to examine the effectiveness of our company's interpersonal work relationships. Johnson found we have communication problems between subordinates and supervisors. After examining their careful research, the members of the upper management feel we too are responsible for poor communication because we have failed to communicate our sincere gratitude to each of our employees. Each employee plays a vital role in Doe's success. Each makes an important contribution.

The report made us aware that some employees feel their supervisors are inattentive to their concerns. If any employee is frustrated by Doe's current communication procedures, please feel free to voice your concerns to Mr. John Doe. He reserves Wednesday afternoons for employee interviews.

Example Letter #2


On July 12, your senior engineer requested we conduct physical property tests on your product. The tests are now complete and the results, along with the tested products, should arrive at your office by express mail within the week.

Briefly, our tests indicate that your product is unsafe for consumer use. Some of the materials used in the manufacture of your product are toxic to humans. We suggest your senior engineer contact one of the staff scientists in our product testing division immediately.

Example Letter #3


Six weeks ago you asked me to prepare a study on the efficacy of certain cholesterol reducing agents over a two month period. I am now one month into the study and want to give you some preliminary results. My study compares cholesterol levels at the beginning, middle, and end of the two month period. This progress report shows the clinical results at mid-point in the study.

I have encountered very few problems so far. There are some participants who changed their diets or exercise routines contrary to my instructions. Preliminary results indicate that this may have little impact on the study. I welcome any suggestions you may have after reviewing the report.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Establish a context for your letter. Mention the date the task was assigned, the reason for the report, and who made the assignment.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • On October 28, 2018, we received your memo concerning Model G's unacceptable failure rate. You instructed our office to redesign key components and to keep you posted on our progress.
  • On April 12, 2018, Springfield Associates commissioned Doe Training to prepare an employee training manual.
  • In response to the growing employee tardiness problem, you requested that the personnel department conduct a study of the reasons behind the problem and what we can do about it. You assigned this project to my office on June 29, 2018.
  • Doe Corporation retained our CPA firm to conduct an annual independent audit of each division in the company.
  • Because of the increasing political tensions in the area, John Doe assigned the strategic planning division the task of finding other potential sites for company offices in the Middle East.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • analyze the efficiency
  • as per your request
  • asked us to
  • asked our team
  • asked me to conduct
  • assigned me the duty this year
  • assigned the task of
  • commissioned to prepare
  • conduct a survey
  • gave John the task
  • given the availability of materials,
  • John Doe requested that I conduct
  • John asked me to follow through
  • Jane recommended that I report on
  • on March 2, 2018, Susan Doe was asked to
  • our team was asked on August 28
  • report you requested
  • research the production efficiency
  • supervise the progress
  • survey by the managing team
  • to conduct an annual progress report

2 Briefly summarize your response to the research and writing assignment.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • I researched the issue as you requested.
  • Having obtained your approval for the project, we started preparing the necessary preliminary drawings on July 13. The design phase is now complete.
  • Our staff has now completed a draft of the training manual you requested.
  • We completed our assignment as specified.
  • My team analyzed the problem and devised solutions.
  • From the specifications and requirements you outlined in your request, we have prepared a proposal which we think will accomplish your goals.
  • We have now completed our review of the western division of Doe Corporation for the year ending December 31, 2018.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • accomplish the goal in mind
  • analyzed the situation
  • approval for the project
  • at your request, a report detailing possible solutions
  • brief analytic report
  • completed all parts except
  • completed a draft
  • explored some avenues to reach a solution
  • finished the department review
  • first draft shows
  • focused on the task at hand
  • followed through with
  • fulfilled the requirement
  • have completed the first part of
  • have prepared
  • met the requirements of the assignment
  • our staff eagerly
  • review of the year from
  • succeeded in
  • task, as specified, has been completed
  • the preliminary findings

3 Tell the reader why you are sending the document at this time.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • Having completed the preliminary designs, we now submit this report for your approval.
  • This document outlines our progress to date, including our current activities, and what remains to be done to bring the project to successful fruition.
  • Before we can proceed to the next phase of the project, we need your approval. Please read the report and give us your reaction.
  • This is our report.
  • Our full report on the audit is attached.
  • This report outlines our suggestions for eliminating the design problem.
  • The enclosed draft of the Employee Handbook is now ready for your comments and approval.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • because of this deadline
  • before we can proceed
  • completed report for your review
  • confirm the suggested approach
  • copy of the report is enclosed
  • details the outcome of
  • for your consideration
  • for your information
  • full report indicating
  • if you have any suggestions
  • just to keep you updated
  • outlines our current position
  • pleased to now submit
  • recently finished the study
  • report outlines our progress
  • second part will come later, after we have
  • submitted for your approval
  • this is our work
  • would like your approval

4 Briefly summarize the document's contents or main conclusions.

Sample Sentences for Step 4
  • The training manual is divided into three major sections.
  • This feasibility study discusses several possible strategies for constructing the new Springfield bridge, and offers engineering and cost analyses for each of the three alternatives.
  • This is a proposal to provide engineering consulting services for the evaluation of earthquake damage to the Doe Building.
  • This proposal, prepared at your request, outlines the scope of our project, the resources we will need to accomplish the task, and the projected cost.
  • This report outlines the findings of our investigation and makes recommendations based on those findings.
Sample Phrases for Step 4
  • after thorough investigation, we found
  • based on those findings
  • compiled these data
  • contains an accurate list
  • for simple comprehension
  • full list of
  • in addition, it lists
  • including a break-down of
  • is mainly about
  • is an indication of
  • lists possible solutions
  • maps out ideas concerning
  • parts one and two focus on
  • provides an analysis
  • report detailing the occurrence of
  • resources necessary to achieve
  • results show that
  • several possible strategies include
  • statistics prove our supposition that
  • study showed that

5 Discuss important questions, problems, or concerns, such as deadlines, design issues, or limitations that hindered the writing process or which come out in the report.

Sample Sentences for Step 5
  • Although the San Francisco office's work is impressive, we do not believe their design will achieve the desired results in three critical areas.
  • As we worked on this proposal, we became increasingly concerned about the amount of money our client is allocating for the project in light of the quality he expects.
  • The project seems to be pretty straightforward and we do not anticipate major problems at this stage.
  • As we conducted the research, we became aware of several major problems that may adversely affect the cost and completion projections. We discuss these problems in the proposal.
  • From our estimate of work-hour requirements, we have determined that all project objectives can be met for a not-to-exceed figure of $132,500.00. We propose a monthly billing system based on the number of hours my staff works.
  • A loss of documents when an earthquake destroyed our facility in Japan delayed the work on this report.
Sample Phrases for Step 5
  • a few days after the deadline
  • although there have been a few set-backs
  • as you will notice
  • became concerned about
  • confident we can work out
  • continue to feel confident about
  • do not anticipate any problems
  • due to an unexpected illness
  • estimates showed
  • extremely high rate
  • have concerns regarding
  • maintenance problems may affect the
  • not a crisis
  • problems with some of the personnel
  • ran into some road-blocks while
  • technicalities may have delayed our progress
  • the designs failed to include
  • there remains one important question
  • to better accommodate the changes made

6 Express appreciation for help and/or indicate what action the reader should take next.

Sample Sentences for Step 6
  • We will appreciate your comments and suggestions during the course of the project.
  • Thank you for your helpful suggestions and comments.
  • Please read the manuscript and note problems and concerns. If we could have it back by Friday, July 23, we will be able to make corrections and prepare the final draft before August 1, 2019, the project deadline.
  • We look forward to your response and appreciate this opportunity to bid on the project.
  • We look forward to working on this project and are eager to start.
Sample Phrases for Step 6
  • any corrections you wish to make
  • appreciate your help
  • await your comments
  • eager to start
  • excited to begin working
  • feel free to make suggestions
  • for your help in this effort
  • grateful for your assistance
  • indicate what changes we should make
  • look forward to
  • looking forward to working with you
  • make a copy if necessary
  • please review the report
  • return within two weeks
  • return to us for final editing
  • send us notice as to
  • thank you for your assistance
  • to make final corrections
  • welcome your comments and suggestions
  • working with you on this project

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