Delegate a Special Project

Letter #1


During her stay with us January 12-14, General Secretary Doe will be reviewing the four alternative sites proposed for our memorial fountain. We are assigning you to host Secretary Doe in the afternoon of January 14 on a visit to Site B (adjacent the Springfield Botanical Gardens) and would like you to assist during that time in any way that will make her visit as informative and enjoyable as possible. In the course of the afternoon, would you please see to the following specific items:

(1) Meet Secretary Doe at 1:30 p.m. in the front lobby of our downtown office.

(2) Provide transportation from the office to Site B.

(3) As necessary, review with her the various advantages and disadvantages of Site B as discussed in our last chapter meeting. Solicit her own observations on the site.

(4) From Site B, escort her directly to Terminal 3 at the airport, arriving there no later than 4:00 p.m., and assist her to make her 5:00 p.m. flight.

Should you have any questions or need assistance with this hosting assignment, please call me. We are eager to make Secretary Doe's visit a pleasant one.

Letter #2


I want to give you a special assignment that I believe you will find enjoyable. Would you please coordinate this year's holiday gala. I recommend that you first meet with Jane Doe, who organized last year's party, and get her recommendations. She should have kept records on caterers, costs and other details. You should plan on the same budget as last year.

So we don't repeat the same thing each year, I suggest you get ideas from others outside the company. Perhaps even check out some party books from the library. Finally, please stay within the budget and advertise the party well in advance so everyone can plan to attend. Keep me up to date on your progress and let me know if I can be of further help. I know you will do a great job.

Letter #3


Mr. Doe has requested that you form a committee from all of our departments to explore the feasibility of expanding our operations to Springfield. You are authorized to devote up to 200 wage-hours to this project, to be divided however you see fit.

This is sure to be a demanding project, but I have no doubt you are up to the task. Please call me anytime if I can help. The final report is due on November 1.

Letter #4


I am sure you are aware that Doe is hosting a delegation from the Governor's office next week. I need your help in preparing the day's activities. Your duties will include:

You will need to call Eric in the Governor's office to get the details for items 1 through 3. If you have any questions about number 4, see me. Please give me a progress report this Friday before noon. This assignment should be your number one priority until you have made all the arrangements. Thank you.

How to Write this Delegation Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Be specific so that the reader knows what to do, when to do it, and what means to use.


  1. Delegate the task directly.
  2. Specifically state how you expect the reader to proceed.
  3. Offer your assistance.

Write Your delegation in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Delegate the task directly.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • Would you please make arrangements for the visitors' tour of the plant next week?
  • You have been assigned to direct the department's preparation for accreditation next June.
  • I would like you to do a special project in order to improve our food service. As you know, there have been many complaints about the menu choices in the cafeteria.
  • We have decided to bid on the Springfield Middle School construction project, and we need you to devote all of your time to preparing a bid for submission on April 30.
  • Your work on the Doe account was so successful that we want you to head this year's advertising project.
  • We have selected you to follow up on the Doe contract.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • a special project
  • am turning over to you
  • are confident that you
  • because of your
  • handle the arrangements for
  • have decided to
  • have been assigned
  • have recommended you for
  • have selected you to
  • have chosen you to
  • make arrangements for
  • need you to
  • the outstanding job you did on
  • to assume responsibility for
  • to make sure that
  • want you to
  • were the obvious choice for
  • would like to have you
  • would you please
  • your previous experience with
2 Specifically state how you expect the reader to proceed.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • This task will include the following steps:
    1. Confirm times with each department and make sure the assigned guides understand what to do.
    2. Be sure that there are refreshments available for each group.
  • You may wish to greet the guests yourself, but that can be delegated, if you are too busy.
  • You worked with John on a similar project two years ago, so you are familiar with the process.
  • Please come to a meeting in my office at 11 a.m. on Wednesday to discuss what needs to be done.
  • Please collect the proposed menus for next month from the cafeteria manager, prepare a survey listing the choices, along with check-off options, and distribute the survey to all employees. Your biggest challenge will be getting the completed surveys back!
  • You are aware of what needs to be done, so I won't attempt to micromanage this, but I would appreciate weekly reports on your progress.
  • John Doe will provide technical support.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • are familiar with
  • are already aware of
  • confirm the final details
  • discuss what needs to be done
  • expect weekly reports
  • get underway by
  • have done this before
  • have scheduled a meeting for
  • in order to help
  • information is available from
  • involves the following steps
  • keep me up-to-date on your progress
  • know what is expected
  • may wish to
  • need this project to
  • please note the time constraints
  • report directly to
  • the attached file
  • to be completed by
  • will include the following
  • will have considerable freedom
3 Offer your assistance.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • I think you will find this task both interesting and enjoyable. If you need any help or further information, please call me.
  • This is an enormous task, and all members of the department need to be involved. Your responsibility is, of course, to coordinate efforts, not to do all the work yourself.
  • Kindly give this project top priority for the next few days. Jane will help with your normal duties.
  • If you have any other tasks underway that cannot be shelved temporarily, please discuss them with John. We want you to be free to work on the bid.
  • Let me know what assistance you will need, and I will do whatever I can to get it for you.
  • Let me know when you have completed the job. If you need any help from my office, please call.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • are confident that you can
  • can adjust your other duties
  • feel free to call
  • for further information
  • happy to help you
  • if you have any questions
  • if you need any help
  • let me know
  • please discuss with me
  • rely on you to
  • see what can be arranged
  • set up a meeting to
  • use the resources of
  • what assistance you will need
  • what kind of help you will need
  • when the job is complete
  • will take over your
  • will provide technical support
  • will be available to
  • will help you with

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