How to Write a Delegation Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers

Your letter should be pleasant, not offend or come across as overbearing. A tactful delegation letter you can simplify your life.

When writing your delegation letter, don't forget to consider:

  • What are the specific duties and responsibilities that you want to delegate, and exactly what are the objectives you hope to achieve? Is there a deadline for their completion?
  • Is this a permanent situation? If not, exactly how long do you want the delegation period to last?
  • Will the employee to whom you are delegating new responsibilities need additional training? Is there a source he/she can turn to with any questions that may arise?
  • Will it be necessary for another employee to cover the regular responsibilities of the employee who will be delegated new ones?
  • Will you expect the employee to work extra hours to fulfill the new responsibilities he/she has been delegated?
  • Will the employee who is delegated new responsibilities receive compensation in the form of a pay increase or a bonus?
  • Should you acknowledge the employee's successful handling of the delegated responsibilities by publicly praising him/her in the department, either verbally or in a written communication?
  • Note: Write a formal letter to the employee who has accepted the new responsibilities, even if the delegation letter is a follow-up to an interview in which you explained the situation in person.