Offer Sympathy For the Death of a Person Who Has Been Ill • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Express your sympathy briefly.
2Recall the achievements or character of the deceased, and express your admiration for the reader's courage.
3Offer further sympathy and support.


A letter offering a friend or associate sympathy for the death of his or her loved one who has been ill respectfully acknowledges the reader's misfortune while offering comfort and support. Be brief and sincere as you write the message by hand, using personal stationery.

Example Letter #1


Please accept my sympathy at the passing of your wife. I am sure that following her long illness it is a blessing that she no longer suffers. You can take comfort in how you cared for her so long and lovingly. No one could have done better.

Example Letter #2


I am at once sorry and relieved to hear of Jane's passing. Like all of you, I loved and admired her dearly. Few people can be a productive as she was throughout her life. Because she was so bright and had such vitality, I am sure she would have suffered greatly had she lived much longer in her condition. Although we hate to lose her, we are glad she didn't have to suffer long. Sometime in the near future I would like to bring some photos of your mother from our college days. Please let me know when that would be appropriate.

Example Letter #3


I was saddened to hear that John had died, but relieved for both of you that the painful struggle had ended. Please accept our warmest sympathy. Through these last months you and John have displayed tremendous courage, which has been an inspiration to us all. Your example was one we can remember when we too must face difficult moments. I thank you for the strength you gave us while we thought we were helping you. Our love and thoughts are with you.

Example Letter #4


I am sorry to hear that after a valiant battle with cancer your father has passed on. It seems unfair that his illness was properly diagnosed only three months ago and he is already gone.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends who must now accept this sudden reality. I hope good memories can help ease the pain of this loss.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Express your sympathy briefly.

Example Sentences for Step 1

Example Phrases for Step 1


Recall the achievements or character of the deceased, and express your admiration for the reader's courage.

Example Sentences for Step 2

Example Phrases for Step 2


Offer further sympathy and support.

Example Sentences for Step 3

Example Phrases for Step 3

accept our sympathy and condolences admired your dedicated care of am here to be your friend anything at all we can do to help be assured of my availability be assured of my love and concern bereavement is so personal best wishes and thoughts brave battle with cancer call on us if we can be of service comforting to know that we are all in God's hands concern of your many friends will sustain you do call if I can give you a hand extend our deepest sympathy extremely painful time for you flowers are just a small symbol of my esteem for hard to say goodbye to someone I worked with for so long hard to imagine the world without him have hung his photo in our conference room as a memorial here for anything you may need hope the many memories you shared will ease your pain hope the support of your family and friends if you need someone to talk to know that we too will miss her loved her so much many memories we will always cherish may you have the strength and courage to carry on may God bless you and your family may a lifetime of wonderful memories give you strength offer you a listening ear only a phone call away our thoughts are with you passing will be mourned please do not hesitate to contact us please let us know if realize how deeply this loss will touch you realize our loss is small compared to yours remember all the good times we shared seems hard to believe that she is no longer with us share your relief that she is now at peace so many of his friends share your grief thoughts and prayers are with you will never forget will be dearly missed would be selfish of us to want to bring him back you gave him all the love and care possible