Cherish Every Moment


Sorry for the late response.

I pondered what went wrong the last time we chatted. I wasn't really expecting a sudden burst of emotion from you. Perhaps I responded too harshly.

I perfectly understand the way you feel. You are a very interesting woman with a kind heart, and from the day we met I felt affection towards you. That feeling grew even stronger until I found myself longing for you. I thought it was only a fling between two lonely people who needed special affection, caring, and attention; however, it's become more as the days have gone by. I fell in love with you. Your kindness, warmth, sweetness, respect, and trust in me was there until last Friday when you shut me completely out! Now I feel sorry for myself for the way I acted.

I am so sorry if I hurt your feelings and gave the impression I don't respect you. I do respect you. I want to try to win back your affection.

Let's start again and have more happy memories.