Accept My Apology


I have been thinking a lot lately about what went wrong and what makes me feel so awful. I was just so head-over-heels falling in love with you that I did some foolish things, but I just couldn't help trying anything to win back your attention.

Sometimes I feel you don't give me all your attention when we speak. I know you have been busy and have a lot of pressure at work. I'm just not used to it. I mean, you seem quite cold. Whenever we chat, I just want to have your attention. I also realize that I need to pay more attention to your needs. I am sorry for what happened and I really want you back. I want things to be as they were.

I know that I've hurt you, so I'm asking for your forgiveness and hope that we can start over again. I really cherish those moments when everything was going great. I can hardly take the reality of losing you. I need you in my life again. I'll call soon.