Your Love Is My Heaven


I want the world to know that there is no one out there more precious than you. You really have completed my life by giving me a second chance. Now I don't have to ever wonder if you are getting mistreated by nasty girlfriends because I'm now comforted to know that I am the only one who will take care of your every need from here on out.

My life has changed drastically with your presence. I long to have children of our own, and I know that you will be a wonderful father. I love you more than I ever have before. Your love is heaven for me. I need nothing else in the world as long as I have your love. You have shown in so many ways how you feel towards me. I am honored to be spending Valentine's Day with you, especially since we have missed the last eight years together. Thank you for giving me a piece of heaven. My dream has come true and I thank you for all these wonderful gifts. You are the best, and I will continue to give you all my love.