Wish I Could Go Back


I wish I could go back in time to our relationship, back before hurt found its way into our hearts. If only I could slip back into those moments, I would have been more honest with myself and more attentive to what my heart was telling me. I would have held you a little longer and never, ever hurt you, but time will not allow me to go back and change any of my mistakes.

I can't take away the questions that flood you, but I can try to answer them. I can't erase the pain that fills your heart, but I can try to ease it. I know that I can't just jump back into your life and expect everything to remain the same, nor can I expect you to still have the same feelings for me. A lot of time has passed, and just because I feel as though I am ready to have you in my life again, it may now be different for you. I know I can't have things fall into place whenever I am ready for them; destiny has no patience and holds back for no one. I might have lost my chances with you because of my ignorance and my fear of falling in love, but I can't ignore this gut feeling in my heart like I once did before.

I want us to work things out, and though it might not be possible, if you're willing, I want to try. I am no longer frightened as I was before, and when I was with you, I should have realized from the beginning that I never had any reason to worry about anything.

I miss you. If for whatever reason, things don't work out between us, or if you choose to remain just a friend, that's perfectly fine. I will take it as fate passed me by and that we just weren't meant to be together. Whatever the outcome might be, please know that I am still so grateful to once have had you a part of my life.