Starting Over Again


Tonight I write about my love for you. I know that in the course of our five years together, we have been back and forth, and in an out, but yet, through it all, we still hold on--holding onto a dream that one day we will be happy together again, the way we were before.

I know people often dream about a love like ours; that's why I try to hold on to it. To ease my mind I need to know why do you still hold on? I cannot change the past, only work towards the future. I see in my future you and only you. You are my sunrise and sunset--my whole being of myself, living only for you. You make my rainy days seem happy and my sunny days something to look forward to as I wake each day. I know I'm not perfect and maybe I'm a little rough around the edges, but I know that I can be all you want, desire, and need in a woman.

We created a lovely baby, made completely out of love. Every day I look at her, she reminds me of the love we once held so dear. The day you packed your things and left, a part of my heart broke through the endless tears and not knowing what is to become of us. It really has me afraid that this time, the end may truly be the end.

I am thankful we keep trying, for you are the most important person in my life, and nothing will ever change that, my soul mate. I love you so deeply that even words cannot express them clearly enough.