Missing You Terribly


If I were given three wishes, I would first wish to wake up in your arms every morning for the rest of my life. I want to breathe the same air that you breathe, when you awake up next to me. My second wish would be that I never harm you, or disappoint you, or break your heart again. I only want to love you like no one has ever loved you before. My third wish is really very simple. I wish that you would only tell me if you wish for any of these same things. If possible, you may still love me and want me with you so to help us get though life together, happy and satisfied. One word from you and I am sure this can be done, because I love you more today then I did before. My love just gets stronger with time; it never fades. I will always love you; this much I'm sure of. I wouldn't ask for diamonds, gold or a million dollars. None of that could make me as happy as I would be to just have you in my life once more!