I Can't Believe What We Had Been Missing


I am so amazed at our relationship. It has been my only dream to be with you again. I am so glad that we have come together to share what we had both been missing for too long. You make me feel as if I am the most important person on earth. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world to feel the love that we cherish. I have loved you since the day I laid eyes on you, and I am excited to be sharing my life with you again. My love for you is beyond any love I have ever seen or ever known. You are my passion for life. Our love is everlasting. It is rare that two lovers so in love reunite after going through so much. I am thankful for your forgiveness and am enjoying every waking moment I spend with you. You mean the world to me; you are my friend. I love you and am so grateful to share what we have both been missing.

With all of my love for eternity,