Against All Tests of Love


I know we have been through a lot in the past ten months. With our daughter being in an accident and us separated at the time, we needed to be without pride in our way. I have loved you since the day I laid eyes on you. And I know that no one is perfect. I just hope you remember that also. But no matter what, we have learned so much from each other. Our love has survived so many trials. From selling our dream home to seeing two children in the hospital. Through it all you have always remained in my heart. You make me whole and complete. I never want to take our love for granted again.

We wasted too much time already being separated for so long. You have and always will have my heart and soul. I am yours for the long haul. I know at times you get angry, but that doesn't outweigh the times you want to kiss me. I am writing this letter to make a promise to you that I am going to try as hard as I can for us this time, as long as you will have me. It's so rare what we have. I would hate to lose such a beautiful person in my life; who not only is the love of my life, but a love I never really thought could exist for me. You are my soul--if you only knew. Without that, I can't really live, at least happily. I love you and always have.