Hotels • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


Not all sales people can rely on talent.

Developing sales skills begins with information. A good introduction to new ideas and a little practice can make a big difference.

The Doe Sales Course was developed by professional sales leaders to explain key techniques for success. In this 10-tape set, you'll hear from (list prominent speakers), who will talk about:

*(list contents)

Here is what sales managers are saying about the Doe Sales Course:

*(list testimonials)

Your sales staff can listen to these tapes while traveling by car, plane, or even just sitting at home. These tapes work. Companies that have used this course consistently report increased sales of at least 20 percent!

Please listen to the enclosed first tape in this series. We think you'll agree that the Doe Sales Course can benefit your company, too. The cost is only $99.95. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please call 555-5555. Call today.

Example Letter #2


The enclosed video gives only a glimpse of Park City's breath-taking scenery--from the rustic buildings to the spectacular Olympic Mountains. It also shows the elegant accommodations and services that your clients can expect to enjoy at Doe Resort, winter or summer. We offer everything from skiing to alpine sliding to golf, tennis and horseback riding. Please take a few minutes to watch the tape. You'll be glad you did.

Example Letter #3


During the month of March, we are offering three nights' lodging for the price of two.

This is our way of inviting you back to enjoy beautiful Doe Lodge.

Imagine! This could be your chance to take that long weekend away from the kids. Spend Friday and Saturday at Doe Lodge, and we'll throw in Thursday or Sunday night for free.

We know you'll enjoy the comforts of Doe Lodge, our spacious, beautiful rooms with pine furniture, king-sized beds, and hot baths in every room. And don't forget our elegant restaurant that specializes in Rocky Mountain cuisine. Dance until midnight. Hike the incredible mountain trails that have made Doe Lodge famous.

Call us soon for your reservation. 555-5555.

Example Letter #4


Is your family ready for fresh powder, blue skies, loads of sunshine and lots of family fun? Well, Doe Hotel, (city's) largest downtown hotel and our new "March Madness Ski Pass" are waiting for you!

Doe Hotel has 925 beautiful guest rooms, two great restaurants, and an amusement center just for the kids. That's for when you are not skiing.

With our new "March Madness Ski Pass," which is available (dates and times), we're offering a family ski pass for HALF the normal price!

Doe Hotel is within minutes of some of the best skiing in the Rocky Mountains. What more could you ask for?

When calling our toll-free number to make your reservations, just mention that you want our new "March Madness Ski Pass."

Here's to making your winter vacation a wonderful memory.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Example Letter #5


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for having selected our hotel for your business and personal accommodations.

All of us at Doe Hotel are dedicated to providing you with the finest service possible. In that spirit, I am asking you to evaluate our hospitality--tell us what we did right how we can improve. I will share your comments on the attached survey with Doe's General Manager, who will follow-up on your suggestions.

I appreciate your time to assist us. I assure you that your comments will receive our attention. We genuinely want to provide you with the quality service you deserve and have come to expect from Doe.

Again, thank you for your time.

Example Letter #6


Fresh powder will soon be falling at Park City, and Christmas bells will be echoing out over Utah. This is the season that companies like yours choose gifts for special customers.

A new painting by famed artist, John Doe of historic Park City, can make holiday giving an easy task this year.

The enclosed snapshot of this limited edition cannot begin to do this masterpiece justice.

(Describe painting, content, signed, numbered, exclusively framed, etc.)

This limited edition and exclusive frame can be sent to your customers in insured packaging for only (price) each. In galleries it would sell for at least twice as much. Your gift is sure to be hung in a prominent place, and the engraved plaque on the frame ensures that your customer never forgets you, the giver.

What better gift than one in which that price increases over time and that is always visible to your customer.

We hope this exclusive limited edition painting will answer your holiday needs.

Example Letter #7


Nothing can take the place of home, but we come close.

Doe Hotel prides itself in catering to the salesman away from home. Comfort is our goal. Not only are our beds the highest quality, but we have gone out of our way to decorate each room in warm, luxuriant colors. In addition, each room has these standard features:

*(list features)

Your corporate account also qualifies you for automatic room upgrades in addition to the low corporate discounted rate. Plus, we offer incentives for frequency. We are rated 5-star and have locations in every major city in the country.

Quality, comfort, convenience. We are your home away from home. Please call us for more information: 555-5555. We look forward to your stay with us.