Cell Phones

Letter #1


Do you own a cell phone?

A little known fact is that some electromagnetic waves that come from your cell phone have been shown to cause brain tumors!

That's right. The popularity of cell phones may be causing a cancer epidemic. Many scientists are warning of potential health risks. Soon cell phone manufacturers will be required to put warning labels on their phones.

*(list media reports and credible quotes to back up claims)

Doe Electronics has manufactured the "Doe Anti-Radiation Shield" that blocks electromagnetic waves by 99%. And the best news is that it costs only $19.95. Isn't protecting your health worth that much?

Be safe. Get the "Doe Anti-Radiation Shield" today. It is adaptable to every type of cell phone.

Click on this link to enter our secure ordering area.

Letter #2


In an effort to offer the most efficient cellular service possible, Doe Cellular is revamping its pricing. Now, the Platinum Plan will bill in 5-second increments with even greater discounts for ten or more telephones.

To switch to the Platinum Plan, simply fill out the enclosed reply card and return it to us. Or you may call our customer service department at 555-5555.

Doe Cellular is committed to being your life-long cellular carrier. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

Letter #3


Now that you have your new cell phones, I thought you might want to consider a quick demonstration for your staff.

Our sister company, Doe Cell Training, offers excellent support training and peripheral products for cell phones that your staff may want to add. For example, those who travel may want modem access, while those who spend a great deal of time in the car may desire a hands-free ear phone.

We can schedule a demonstration next week. I'll give you a call to discuss these options.

Thank you again for your order.

Letter #4


What's hot at Doe Cellular?

Summer is coming, along with special offers for valued Doe Cellular customers like you!

Introducing 3 great Internet-ready Doe phones, now under $99 each.

Time is running out to take advantage of big savings on select Internet-ready Doe phones. These savings are so big that three of our top models are each under $99!

But hurry--these savings end (date)!

No matter what your needs or interests may be, Doe has a phone for you! Each comes with a great rate plan, a handy accessory, plus lots of cool features.

*(list phones and features)

It's your last chance to get great savings on this digital cellular phone!

(Order information)

Letter #5


What do you want for Christmas?

I want to just say thanks for shopping at Doe Cellular this past year. Because of you and our customers, Doe Cellular had its best year ever! We are now one of the largest Internet sites for cell phones and accessories.

Please accept our gift coupon that will save you BIG TIME off our already low prices. But you must use this coupon before November 30.

Here are just a few of the incredible offers:

*(list special sale items)

Place your order online or call our toll free order line at 1-800-555-5555 and get what you want at the savings you need. Thanks again for your support. Best wishes for you and your family in the coming year!

P.S. (Repeat deal and add guarantee)

Letter #6


Here's an offer you can't pass up. Clear Wireless Minutes for your summer driving fun.

Doe Cellular is offering wonderful summer promotions. Customers can sign up today for any one of these three incredible plans:

*(list three plans)

In addition to these new rate plans, Doe Cellular is offering a $100 mail-in rebate when customers purchase and activate any two Doe phones and plans.

Get connected with Doe Cellular today!

Letter #7


As a valued Doe Cellular customer, you deserve the most from your digital wireless service. That's why I'm proud to introduce a money-saving feature that will increase your productivity and performance at work, at home ... even on the road.

Announcing Doe's Free Incoming Calling Plan, which lets you receive calls from anyone, anytime, anywhere on the Doe Network ... FREE! Whether it's a local call or a nationwide long distance call, day or night, you'll enjoy free incoming digital cellular calls for as long as you're on the Doe Free Incoming Calling Plan. No trial periods. No gimmicks.

More ways to communicate with everyone!

As you know, in addition to the lifelong value you get with Doe's Free Incoming Calling Plan, your Doe phone gives you a variety of ways to stay connected with co-workers, family and friends. You're in touch and easy to reach.

See the enclosed brochure to learn more about Doe's new Free Incoming Calling Plan. Then call toll free 1-800-555-5555 or visit us on the web at (Web address) to sign up for this unique service. As an added bonus, you can get $40 off every redesigned Doe phone you purchase, plus FREE shipping! That's just $99.99 for each new, Internet-ready phone! But don't wait--this offer ends December 31st.

Letter #8


You've seen our competitors giving away free phone time to entice you away. We won't be outdone. Doe Cellular wants to counter their offer, so we're giving our best customers:

*(list better offer)

All you have to do is upgrade to our Weekend Plan for only an additional $3.75 per month. With the Weekend Plan you receive 1000 more minutes of air time each month, plus we throw in your choice of call-waiting or voice mail.

No competitor ever beats Doe Cellular. Call us today at 555-5555.