Letter #1


Subject: (Eyewear Supplemental Directory)

Thanks for being a longtime subscriber to Doe's Eyewear Catalog. Our supplemental directory will be coming off the press at the end of this month. We have noticed that you typically order five additional copies of this directory. Please confirm that five is the number you would like to receive again and we will make sure they are shipped directly to you as soon as they are printed.

Just reply to this e-mail and indicate the number. Type in "ORDER" in the subject box. We will confirm your order by e-mail. No need to complete an order form.

As our way of saying thanks, please accept the attached 15% discount certificate for the next order of eyewear products you order from our catalog.

We will be watching for your order for our supplementary directory.

Thank you.

Letter #2


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Letter #3


You've made a great choice in taking advantage of our offer for two weeks free delivery of the Doe Morning News.

This free subscription is provided with the compliments of your apartment manager to help you save money, stay informed and live better.

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After the two weeks' subscription is completed, you can continue delivery of the Doe Morning News and save 50% by just mailing the enclosed order card--and we give you four more weeks free!

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Letter #4


How Can We Get You To Open Our New Catalog?

What if we offered you a "Buy one gift, get another gift at half price?" The Doe Gift Catalog is where you will find great gift ideas. Check out our newest line of high-tech products. Need a new watch? Our selection can't be beat. Desk Sets? Sun glasses? Outdoors equipment? We've got it.

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Letter #5



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