Letter #1



GREAT NEWS... After a long interval, and many requests, the Boston Advertising Club will be reintroducing a new and improved Member Directory for the coming year. The directory will highlight the renewed interest in providing a sense of community and member-value services to our members. The new directories will include members who have paid their dues by (date). The directories will be distributed during the 3rd quarter of this year.

GREAT OPPORTUNITY... One of the great member-value features of the new Membership Directory will be as a marketing tool for members. We will be distributing our directory to the Massachusetts top 500 manufacturer and service companies. This will make it even easier for those prospective clients to locate YOU!

As a member of the Boston Advertising Club, your name and contact information will be available to the very people you are seeking for your business. To enhance your exposure, you may buy additional Color, or Black and White ad space within the directory to draw additional attention to your company.

GREAT PRICE... Your cost to be listed in this directory--FREE. Your paid membership is your ticket to admission. Wouldn't you want to gain market exposure while supporting our great organization? Ad space is available at very reasonable rates to all member companies. Please click here for the rate page for information and placement information. Don't delay. Your ad placement order, and paid membership fees, must be received by (date). You may place your ad placement order on-line here at our web site (give web address).

Thank you for your support.

Letter #2


We know the not everybody would be interested in the kind of books we publish--serious, scientific, scholarly works. We believe, however, that you would be since you have been a subscriber to Doe Quarterly for the last four years.

We have enclosed a list of newly published works which include:

*(list books and brief content)

Our special introductory offer will give you two of these important titles for the price of one.

But we can only extend you this offer until July 31. (Order information)

Letter #3


(Survey Questionnaire and Cover Letter)

As a marketing professional, do you believe academic marketing journals are valuable to you?

You know that many universities evaluate marketing professors based on their publishing in prestigious journals. Judging the worth of such journals is typically done by professors without input from other marketing professionals. This is a chance for you to influence this process.

May we please request that you give us just a few minutes to answer the 10 questions on the enclosed questionnaire? Your answers will be kept confidential, but you will be able to read the summary results at the following Internet address as soon as your answers have been received and included. (Web address)

Thank you for your help.

Letter #4


Every so often a deal comes along that I want to separate from our normal newsletter.

The offer regards the Doe Programmer's Journal. It's the first and best magazine for developers. DPJ is chock full of technical content each month, and it's one of just few magazines I always take the time to read from cover to cover.

The publisher of DPJ asked me if my subscribers might be interested in a risk-free way to evaluate their magazine and I said "ABSOLUTELY!"

The offer is this:

Receive a trial issue--absolutely RISK FREE. Find out why DPJ is acclaimed as one of the leading development magazines. If you like you it, you can receive 13 more issues (14 in all) for just $15--that's a savings of over 66% off the cover price!

To receive your RISK FREE trial issue, simply click on the following link (give link).

I'm sure you'll find Doe Programmer's Journal one of the few publications worth your time to read...and I think you'll find your $15 will be money very well spent.

Letter #5


You're invited to apply for a FREE subscription to Doe Technology Today--a ($) value!

There's no catch! Apply for your FREE subscription today at:

(Web address)

You'll get 52 weekly issues packed with late-breaking news and in-depth insights on Infrastructure, Enterprise Applications, Security, Videoconferencing, Building Resilient Networks, Technology, Updates, and Management Strategies. Plus...

* (list prominent features)

Let Doe Technology Today be your guide in the world's fastest moving market...Apply for your FREE subscription today at (Web address).

PS: Hurry! Free subscription offer expires (date)!

Letter #6


Did you know that your subscription to the Doe Heritage Journal is about to expire? We know how easy it is to forget to renew subscriptions, but this notice is too important to ignore.

*(list testimonials of people who think this publication is essential)

If you don't read Doe Heritage Journal you'll be missing important American history studies that are not published anywhere else. We don't want you to miss a single issue. Please complete and return the enclosed renewal card today.

Letter #7


Free 30-Day Trial Offer!

For over 20 years, the people of (city) have trusted the Doe Newspaper name to bring them honest, up-to-date reporting on current events. Now, through (date), we are offering you a chance to subscribe to Doe Newspaper for 30 days absolutely free.

In Doe Newspaper, you will read:

*(list prominent articles and selections)

Plus, our weekly ad specials section can save you thousands of dollars.

If you have never subscribed to Doe Newspaper, now is the time. We will deliver your newspaper right to your door for 30 days. But you must act by (date).

For your free 30-day trial subscription, call 555-5555.