Miscellaneous Collection #1 • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


Simple 3-Step System To Create Your Own Mail Order Cash Cow!

Are you ready to learn a simple system that Master Marketers use to sell millions of dollars in products and services by mail order?

A system that can literally be put into action within minutes?

If your answer is yes, Doe Mail Order Marketing System is the special report you need to read immediately. In it we explain exactly how experts create one money-making offer after another. It will allow you to forget about all the 'secrets' people want to sell you, and begin making money with what works, starting today.

Here's some of what you'll learn...

(List prominent features)

As you read about Doe Mail Order Marketing System you will understand how the Masters can create entirely new businesses almost overnight and make them profitable immediately. It's so easy I don't understand why more people haven't caught on.

Imagine creating a business that literally runs itself while you are on vacation. If you think that is fantasy you will be surprised when we show you real examples. It's not a fantasy. It is very real, and people who understand the simple concepts are doing it all around you right now. In one case a retired Florida couple sent a mailing and pulled in over $7,000 in orders the first week.

Order Doe Mail Order Marketing System today and find out just how easy it can be to make money by mail order. You won't get bogged down in hundreds of pages of filler information. This report is very short. You'll understand the concept in 20 minutes and be able to get started the same day you order Doe Mail Order Marketing System.


Only $14.95

Example Letter #2


Give your newborn the very best care. Doe Diaper Service can deliver quality cloth diapers to your home on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Studies show that cloth diapers are better for your child's sensitive skin. Disposable diapers, on the other hand, can be rough and chafing. And, you can have the peace of mind that you won't be contaminating the environment with more waste.

Doe Diaper Service will pick up your dirty diapers in our diaper pails as we deliver clean diapers. For just slightly more than disposables, you will have a healthy alternative...and you won't have to be carrying big diaper boxes home from the grocery store.

We give a week's supply of diapers free as an introductory offer. Call today. 555-5555.

Example Letter #3


In a few months your baby will be crawling, discovering, getting into potentially dangerous areas. Doe Baby Care can help you safeguard your infant from harmful things and places.

We will send one of our certified consultants to inspect your home, point out potential hazards, install locks, and secure danger zones--all for a very low cost. In addition, you will receive a booklet of preventative measures that you can implement so that your baby remains safe.

Don't take chances with your precious little one. We make it our business to know all the ways you can protect your baby. Isn't it worth a little for your peace of mind?

Please call us at 555-5555 to arrange for an in-home consultation.

Example Letter #4


Worried about arranging for a baby-sitter?

Doe Baby-Sitting takes the worry out. We are bonded and licensed with the state. Each of our sitters has had an extensive background check and is dedicated to be as careful with your child as you would be. Our sitters are trained in:

*(list qualifications)

Our service is available 24/7, so you can even go on your weekend dates! Maybe our rates are a bit higher, but your child is worth it. Call for an in-home interview at 555-5555.

Example Letter #5


It's almost time for another class reunion--a great time, but a lot of work to organize.

Doe Reunion Specialists can help you locate your old classmates. We take care of your invitations and track the RSVPs. We can even help you hire out the catering, the entertainment, the photography, and the questionnaires to update everyone's data. We'll make your reunion an event to remember. And we'll arrange everything within your budget.

Let Doe Reunion Specialists help you plan your next reunion. All you'll have to do is attend and enjoy. Call 555-5555.

Example Letter #6


You drew the short straw again and you're stuck with planning the annual corporate summer retreat. Now comes the stress. Finding lodging, arranging a caterer, scheduling entertainment, a photographer, child care, and on and on--and you're supposed to do this on top of your full workload. Doe Entertainment can help.

We specialize in corporate events. We handle every detail. You just provide us the basic details and budget, and we do the rest! We send you ongoing reports; you approve all final decisions, and just like magic--an incredible event!

We have enclosed a descriptive brochure for you to keep on file. Pull it out the next time your company wants to have an exceptional event. Call us at 555-5555. Let us take this stress off your hands--you've got enough to worry about!

Example Letter #7


Subject: Every family has a unique story--discover yours! Plus get a FREE gift!

Save over $15 and get a FREE gift with your order!

This offer is only available for a limited time expires (date).

Could you be related to a royalty? How about an Olympic champion? Was one of your ancestors a Revolutionary War hero?

Every family has a rich and exciting history that's waiting to be discovered. You just need the right tools to unlock it. Doe Genealogy Service makes it fun and easy to uncover your family's unique history and create a treasury that will be cherished for generations.

As a preferred Doe customer, you can get the latest version of Doe Genealogy Service for just $29. You SAVE over $15 off the regular price! Plus, we'll include our Family Resource Package FREE! But don't wait this exclusive limited-time offer expires (date), so order now!

Here are some of the great features of our latest version:

*(list prominent features)


Discovering your family history is a lasting gift for future generations don't wait any longer! Save over $15 when you order the latest version of Doe Genealogy Service for just $29 (plus $4.95 for shipping and handling), and create a treasury for future generations. Plus, order now and we'll send you Family Resource Package absolutely FREE! Hurry--this special offer expires (date), so order now!

Example Letter #8


Too many people wait to have their furnace serviced before it's too late. Then, when the first freeze comes, it's too late. Have your heating system checked early.

Doe Heating can check your furnace now and make repairs before the cold weather sets in. If you act by (date), we will give you a 15% discount just for mentioning this letter. Call 555-5555 to make an appointment.

Don't get left out in the cold!

Example Letter #9


If you don't winterize your boat properly, you may face costly freeze damage. That's no way to face your first outing on your boat this summer.

Doe Boat Specialists can help. We will drain the oil and clear all standing water to protect your boat from freezing. We guarantee a complete winterize job. And, if you want, we can store your boat in one of our dry, climate-regulated storage units for a low rental fee.

Call us today for more information: 555-5555. Your boat is a major investment. Give it the protection it deserves.

Example Letter #10


Winter means snow--lots of it. But don't rush out and buy an expensive snow blower. For much, much less Doe Snow Service can plow or shovel your driveway and walks for the entire season. Here are some of our services:

*(list services)

Don't wait until the last minute to sign up. Call us today at 555-5555. This winter, you stay inside where it's warm. Let us do the hard, cold work. It will be worth it!

Example Letter #11


It has come to our attention that your senior accountant will soon retire. We understand how valuable such an employee can be.

Replacing him may not be easy. Maybe it will take a team with expertise across the board. Doe Accounting is a local accounting firm that has served executives in this city for over 25 years. We currently employ 28 CPAs who have specialties in virtually every aspect of your business.

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to give you a complete presentation. We have enclosed some information providing more details about our company. We have also included an abbreviated client list.

Please review this information at your convenience. We will contact you next week to schedule a time for us to meet. Thank you for your time. We look forward to welcoming you as one of our clients.

Example Letter #12


Welcome to our fair city!

Our community continues to grow because of business owners like you. Without a doubt, the transition will be challenging. Until they relocate, some of your employees will be traveling between here and their present homes. Transportation arrangements can be time consuming and expensive, and I would like to help.

As owner of Doe Auto Leasing, I would like to offer your company an exclusive arrangement for unlimited use of our vehicles. We can have the cars waiting for your employees at the airport, and we can even arrange to pick up the cars when your employees leave. Hopefully, this will smooth out your transition to our city.

We have an easy billing plan and our rates are some of the lowest found anywhere.

Let Doe Auto Leasing get you started. I have enclosed an information packet for your review, and I will call next week to answer any questions. Again, we welcome you and wish you much success.

Example Letter #13


Your boss hands you a 150-page report for tomorrow's stockholders meeting. He wants 70 color copies by 9:00 a.m. The print shop can't schedule the job, so you stay up all night printing and collating on you PC and slow printer.

Do you want to do that again? Well, here's good news you won't need to.

Lease a color copier from Doe Office Supplies. We offer a wide assortment of copiers for every office need. We handle all the maintenance and carry all the supplies you'll require. And we can have a copier there tomorrow!

Please look over the enclosed brochure and price list. I'll call you next week to arrange a short demonstration, or you can call me at 555-5555. I look forward to working with you.

Example Letter #14


We congratulate you on a great past year. We noticed that your orders for office supplies increased 20% over the previous year. That is a positive sign for your business.

As your growth continues, we want to be certain we have the inventory to fill your orders promptly. We also want to be prepared to shift into an automated system that will streamline the ordering process for you. I'll contact you for an appointment so that we both can anticipate your growth and be ready to implement that new ordering system during the upcoming year.

Thank you for helping us serve you.

Example Letter #15


In order to provide Doe Property Management with the most efficient service, we need to coordinate our efforts with you. As you plan to manage more apartments, we want to be prepared to handle your increasing needs.

Please let us know what growth you anticipate in the approaching year. I will call you soon for an appointment.

Example Letter #16


Your increasing payroll for (name of client's company) is a positive sign for both of our businesses. In order to be certain we are prepared for your needs in the upcoming year, we hope to schedule an appointment with you next week. I will call you in the next few days.

We have appreciated working and growing with you.

Example Letter #17


Your company, Jane Doe Enterprises, experienced tremendous growth this last year. We truly enjoyed handling your bad debt collections. We want to be prepared to help you during the upcoming year. I will call you next week to discuss your anticipated collection needs.

Example Letter #18


We enjoyed meeting with you! We're excited about your recommendations and feel that we took some major steps forward. I've listed a brief outline of what we hope to accomplish in the next quarter:

*(List major points)

During this time, we will want to begin to compile a list of potential customers for this product. Your contributions to this list would be greatly appreciated. We will be happy to send your clients free demo kits.

We are extremely excited about the market for our venture. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to call. We're anxious to work with you.

Example Letter #19


When you need just the right place to close a deal or make an offer to a key potential employee, you want to choose a location with style. The answer is Doe Bistro.

Doe Bistro is located right off the green with a full view of the lake. The Bistro itself is elegantly decorated; our servers are seasoned professionals, and the music and atmosphere are classic. Each booth is sequestered in its own quiet nook.

As an initial offer, Doe Bistro is offering a discount on all corporate memberships. And we'd like to offer you lunch on us to get acquainted. Make your clients feel that their comfort and enjoyment, as well as their business, is your top priority. Bring them to the Doe Bistro.

Example Letter #20


You may not know this, but I have been following your success for the past five years. I have been intrigued by how you have grown your crafts catalog from a small, local concern to one that includes customers from all over the nation. As manager of Doe Marketing, I have been quietly impressed with your success.

I would like to offer my services to help you move your success up a notch. You have built your company through catalogs. I would like to demonstrate how you can reach the huge market of gift stores. Distribution to this market is very doable, and ultimately it will broaden your base of mail order catalogs.

I would appreciate meeting with you at your earliest convenience. I have enclosed a Doe Marketing brochure your review. I will contact you next week to schedule a meeting.

Example Letter #21


Marketing is always a challenge. You must be innovative constantly. As Jane's Stationery Products begins to diversify, you, as marketing director, face many new markets to conquer. Doe Marketing can help.

We specialize in knowing the in's and out's of trends and industries: the how's, when's, and where's. We have experience in substantially every major market, and we can help you. Some of our clients include:

*(list clients)

Enclosed is our company brochure. I will contact you next week to answer any questions and to set up a convenient meeting. I look forward to meeting you and helping with your expansion.

Example Letter #22


Yours is not an easy job. As marketing manager for Doe Novelties, you must get your product in front of the most people for the least amount of money. Your products are found in many U.S. outlets, but what about overseas? Too big a step? Would you believe that I can show you a way to sell your product in foreign markets for minimal cost? Interested?

The buying habits of people are rapidly changing. More and more they are shopping from home. Instead of driving to a store or reaching for a catalog, they are turning to their computers. The Internet is changing retail selling and creating a vast international market. But how do you effectively reach that market? Doe Marketing specializes in helping our clients market their products on the Internet. Last year, one of our clients, (name) achieved a record 1 million sales from the Internet.

I have taken the opportunity to enclose a brochure about our company. I will contact you next week to arrange for a demonstration. The world market is within your grasp.

Example Letter #23


When you want to find a good employee, we can fill the position for you in one week--GUARANTEED!

That's right! Doe Employment finds qualified employees for you in just seven days or you pay nothing.

Our satisfied clients include:

*(list prominent clients)

For your immediate staffing needs, please call us at 555-5555.

Example Letter #24


You've thought about owning your own business. Now's your chance.

Doe Toys offers a proven, rewarding opportunity to join our already successful franchisees. More than 400 Doe Toys locations in 15 countries prove that we can pass on what we have learned to successful franchisees.

We manufacture toys that teach. These sturdy toys are bought by today's knowledgeable, educated parents, who want the best for their children. And we want the best opportunity for success for our franchise team. Our corporate staff provides extensive training, and our ongoing support system offers answers. We will help your franchise succeed.

Send for our free complete information kit. Call 555-5555 now.

Example Letter #25


Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business?

If you believe in the American dream and want to participate in one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., join our on-line information-by-subscription business.

Online sales increase dramatically yearly, and information is still "king" on the Internet. Sales of our products have increased by more than 25% annually for the past five years.

We have 60 subscription products that are proven winners. Using our methods, you can reach millions of potential buyers daily.

Join our successful franchise owners. Increase your earnings as the number of on-line buyers increase.

We provide you with years of experience in addition to our proven products.

Call for more information and a complete start-up kit. (Phone number and email address)

Example Letter #26


Tired of working for others?

Our franchise package provides you with the tools you need for a bright future as your own boss.

We offer:

* a strong concept--in an industry with a steady ten-year growth.

* excellent locations in major malls and retail shopping centers.

* immediate availability of locations.

* buying power in a new group-buying concept.

* exclusive merchandise advertised nationally.

* support package and access to our many experts.

Call us now at 555-5555.

Example Letter #27


What if you walked into work tomorrow, gave your resignation, and never looked back? And what if from that point forward you made twice what you are making now?

Impossible? Think again.

Doe Franchises can show you how to be your own boss and significantly increase your income.

*(List opportunities and prominent features of your service)

Our 500+ franchise owners will tell you that their decision to go with Doe Franchises was one of the best in their lives.


Call us for more information at 555-5555.

Example Letter #28


We are looking for Entrepreneurs who want to take charge of their futures. We are looking for Entrepreneurs who know a good product when they see one. You are probably already familiar with our line of products. Join our expanding family of franchisees--people who work for themselves, love the freedom, and are profitable.

Start with a $50,000 to $75,000 investment. We can even provide low-interest loans. After that, you provide the energy and the enthusiasm and enjoy the profits.

This offer is by prospectus only, so call 555-5555 now for complete information.

Example Letter #29


My company has recently launched a product that is very easy to sell. It would be ideal for your subscribers, since your ezine is related to web site promotion.

Here's what I am willing to offer you. If you will mail an exclusive ad to your subscriber base--I will set you up as an affiliate and you will earn 50% on all sales! That is $50 for every product sold!

Now obviously you wouldn't want to recommend a bad product to your subscriber, so what I am willing to do is give you a full version FREE, so you may test it yourself to see how powerful it really is.

I hope this sounds agreeable to you. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Example Letter #30




FAST and Easy to set up!

IN STOCK Now for Immediate Delivery...

Many of you asked us for a High quality Doe Telescope in a 6" size that would meet the following requirements:

*(list prominent features)

We set out with the intention of meeting these requirements, and after five years of research, we were able to meet these stringent requirements.

We are pleased to present the New Doe 6" Reflector Telescope!

This is a first class instrument that is ideal for the novice or more advanced amateur astronomer.

Imagine obtaining excellent, high contrast views of the Planets. See Jupiter and its four moons, the Rings of Saturn, the Craters on the moon, Mars, and beautiful star clusters and nebulas. Everything is so much more visible through this impressive instrument.

Excellent for either adult or child.

Here is what you get:

*(list contents of package and warranty)

We are offering this incredible package at the unheard of price of $449!

We dare you to compare! Inferior telescopes sell for hundreds more!

To Order, Call us Today at 555-5555. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

P.S. Order Today, and we will also include an extra FREE Bonus (premium)