Extend an Invitation to a Demonstration

Letter #1


The buzz is true! The new Doe AM/FM Solar Radio is nothing short of fantastic. Now you have the opportunity to check it out in person.

I want to personally invite you to join me for a personal demonstration of this amazing radio at next weekend's Technology Trade Show.

Just wait until you see what this radio can do.

*(List prominent features)

In addition to our Show Special, I'll go over our delayed invoice policy that will allow you to stock up for the holiday season.

Call me today and let's arrange to meet at the show. Our booth is No. 15 in the middle of Aisle A. See you there!

Letter #2


We're waiting until the Rental Show to introduce a product that will prove extremely profitable for your rental business--the mini-backhoe. The nice thing about this backhoe is that a novice can operate it with minimal instruction. It comes with:

*(list prominent features)

We think you can rent it for at least ($) per hour.

We will conduct full demonstrations and offer a Show Special. Come to our booth and take a look! This is something you don't want to miss

I hope to see you there!

Letter #3


This is not just another invitation to one more product presentation followed by a sales pitch. You're going to be present at the launch of a product that will revolutionize bread making.

You're going to "test drive" the first combination bread mixer, blender, and kitchen utility machine. This incredible device fits easily in the space of a toaster and boasts these features:

*(list prominent features)

It does it all at a cost that's sure to surprise you.

Our demonstration will be (place and directions, date, time). Samples of products from our mixer will be served.

I'll call in the next few days to confirm your reservation. I guarantee it will be well worth your time.

Letter #4


The (name of car) has arrived!

Finally, a roomy 4x4 family car with the economy of a mid-size! You and your family can stretch out on trips; fit in the entire Little League, and cram in all the ski equipment. You will love the (name of car). Here are some of its exclusive features:

*(list prominent features)

It's priced for a family budget and we offer many convenient financing plans.

We invite you to drop by Doe Cars and take this revolutionary new automobile for a test-drive.

I'd love to see you behind the wheel!

Letter #5


We are pleased to invite you to attend an exclusive, high-tech bread mixer demonstration at Doe Mixers. Maybe you don't associate "high-tech" with bread mixers, but when you see our new Doe Magic Bread Maker, you will.

Our demonstration is (date, time, and place). Come and take a look and sample what this incredible machine can do. I'll call you next week to confirm your reservation.

Letter #6


As Office Manager for (your company), are you frustrated by the constant search for competent employees? Are you tired of interviewing and recruiting? Doe Staffing is here to help.

We are an experienced recruiting agency that helps companies like yours screen and recruit staff people for office positions. Doe Staffing recruits qualified applicants who have the right skill level, who have enthusiasm to contribute to your success. An exceptional staff can set your company apart from the competition.

Taking the time to make the perfect fit has brought us ten years of success. We look for:

*(list essential qualities)

We would appreciate a chance to give you an in-office demonstration. Our representative will call you next week to set up a convenient time.

Letter #7


Can you answer the following questions?

*(ask three questions that lead into your subject)

Don't know the answers? You aren't alone. But, you don't have to remain in the dark any longer.

The Doe Real Estate seminar can answer these questions and more. Just give us an evening and we'll give you the knowledge to chart your own course to success!

Think of this seminar as an investment in your future. The money you'll spend attending our seminar will pay you big dividends throughout your life. Each seminar costs only $399--a small price for a lifetime of success. Early registrants knock off $100 from the enrollment fee.

Imagine! For only $299 you can become financially independent.

Please complete the enclosed registration card and mail it back to us today.

We look forward to seeing you.

Letter #8


Our research shows that businesses like yours can send and receive as many as 400 facsimiles a day. Is the answer to purchase more machines and dedicated lines? Doe Fax Solutions has offered an inexpensive Internet solution to hundreds of companies.

That's right. You can both send and receive a fax over your e-mail. You just click and print. No more clogged machines. No more busy signals. And it's portable! Because our service is e-mail-driven, you can pick up your facsimiles anywhere. Just call up your e-mail and presto!

As part of a special promotion, Doe Fax Solutions is giving in-office demonstrations. I would love for you to see this incredible service. I'll call you next week for an appointment.