Mortgage • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


Be it large or small, your home is your castle. It provides you with shelter and tranquility--it is where many memories are stored. It is a haven from the world.

But if something happened to you or your spouse, what would protect your home? Sickness and death--life's uncertainties--can devastate your family and your home can be at risk.

Affordable mortgage insurance can protect your family home. Doe Insurance can show you a policy that is right for you. Enclosed is an information packet describing mortgage insurance options. I hope to be able to sit down with you next week to review the benefits and answer any questions. I look forward to serving you.

Example Letter #2


"Life is full of surprises." That's a lesson everyone learns sooner or later. Think about the last five years--were there any surprises? Doe Insurance can insure against life's uncertainties. We offer insurance coverage for:

*(List various coverages)

An important insurance is mortgage insurance. In the event that something happened to you, your family's home would be protected. To protect your family and home, act today!

Mortgage insurance provides assurance that your mortgage will continue to be paid in the event of death or illness. Life offers few guarantees. Here is one you can count on.

Please check out the enclosed brochure describing the benefits of mortgage insurance. It is more affordable than you might think. I'll call to follow up with you next week and answer any questions. Until then, you can reach me at 555-5555. How important is peace of mind to you?