Sales Letters for Renters

Letter #1


Dorm life can be great. But with roommates' habits and varying schedules, security is always a problem. Your belongings are NOT covered by either your parents' or your landlord's insurance. But an inexpensive renter's policy through Doe Insurance can safeguard your property.

Enclosed is a brief description of our renter's policy. Please call us today at 555-5555. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Letter #2


Welcome to Doe Apartments. We hope you found everything to your satisfaction. As a new member of our community, you need to be advised that we carry insurance for the building you live in but not for your belongings. Should any damage or theft occur, you are responsible for your own insurance. You will need a renter's insurance policy.

May we suggest (Name) Insurance, with whom we have worked closely for more than ten years? We think you will see that they are very attentive to our residents, and their prices are very affordable. A renter's policy will insure all your personal property within your apartment against theft or damage.

I have enclosed more information about renter's insurance. If you have questions please contact our agent, John, at 555-5555. He will schedule an appointment to take care of your every need. May you have a wonderful stay at Doe Apartments.

Letter #3


You made it! You're in college and ready to start classes.

Did you know that none of the possessions you brought from home are covered under your parents' homeowners' policy? That's right. Your landlord does not cover your possessions either.

But, good news! Doe Renter's Insurance will insure all of your belongings in the case of fire, water damage, or theft within your apartment. We offer special renter's policies for students like you--at the lowest possible price. We cover:

*(list of belongings)

Please read the enclosed for more details--and let's talk! I would like to set up an appointment with you next week. I look forward to answering your questions.