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Example Letter #1


Can you believe it has been a year? Doe Insurance wants to take this opportunity to thank you for insuring your boat with us. I am enclosing renewal papers for your review.

Please check over the policy and let me know if you have any questions. Then, to renew, simply sign where I have indicated and enclose a check for (amount). That's all there is to it.

When you purchased coverage from Doe Insurance, you also purchased our commitment to excellent service. Please keep in mind that we also offer other insurance of every kind. I'd be delighted to discuss any of these with you.

Thanks again for allowing me to handle your insurance needs.

Example Letter #2


Doe Insurance has just produced a special report just for RV owners. With your approval, I would like to send you a copy. It's called "RV Do's and Don'ts," and it is absolutely FREE.

You've probably experienced some expensive repairs and maintenance on your RV. And storage can be a nightmare.

Our new report explains how can save you thousands in the long run by taking a few precautions. You will find that many of these ideas can also save you on insurance premiums.

If you would enjoy receiving this free report, simply fill out and return the enclosed card today. There is no obligation. We are sure you will reap big dividends.

Example Letter #3


If you think that life is smooth sailing, just look back over the last few years. Any unexpected events? Life is uncertain to be sure. A natural disaster, fire, burglary can and do happen--events outside of your control, occurrences that can destroy your home and disrupt your life. Doe Insurance provides for life's surprises.

Doe Insurance offers affordable homeowner's insurance should your home be destroyed or damaged. We replace your belongings and help you rebuild your life. Our services include:

*(List prominent features)

To learn more about our wide range of homeowner's coverage, please complete and return the enclosed card. Doe Insurance will immediately forward you a brochure that details this important coverage. Or feel free to call us at 555-5555. We look forward to serving you.

Example Letter #4


Whether it's low-cost Internet access, specialty merchandise, continuing education, travel tours, or insurance, the Doe Alumni Association serves your needs. We hope you'll find some things that are just right for you. Check out the excellent program available to Doe alumni through Stevens Mutual, a Fortune 500 company that has been providing individuals with well-respected insurance coverage since 1912.

Doe alumni are eligible to take advantage of an exclusive group discount* off Stevens Mutual's already competitive rates through a program called Group Savings. Many Doe alumni have already found significant savings with the program.

Has it been a while since you've inspected your auto or home insurance coverage? If so, perhaps now is the time to call Stevens Mutual at 555-5555 for a free, no-obligation rate quote in minutes. Stevens Mutual is one of the largest insurance providers in the nation. It is committed to superior service as evidenced by its #1 claims rating in a study published in Personal Finance Quarterly.** And Stevens Mutual's financial strength and stability have earned an "A+" (Superior) rating from Quality Insurance Standard Company, an independent national organization that rates an insurer's financial strength and performance.

Please review the enclosed materials; then call 555-5555 (or fill out the enclosed form) for your free, no-obligation quote. Please mention your Personal Invitation Number, 12345, when you call. To guarantee the most accurate rate comparison, please have your current policy and driver's license available. If you are already a Stevens Mutual policyholder and want to save with Group Savings, call your Stevens Mutual service officer to find out how to convert your policy. We wish you well in your current pursuits and appreciate your ongoing support of Doe.

P.S. Stevens Mutual has licensed insurance professionals available when it's convenient for you--Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

*Discounts and credits are available where state laws and regulations allow. Certain discounts apply to specific coverages only. Applicants are individually underwritten. Not all applicants may qualify.

**Personal Finance Quarterly, January 2006.

Example Letter #5


After our meeting I reviewed your current homeowner's policy. You may not be aware that you do not carry insurance for flood damage.

Although your area has not been considered high risk, your home is in the direct path of the river, if it should become swollen. Many of your neighbors have realized this fact and, for a very low fee, have added this important coverage to their policies. I recommend that you do, too.

I have enclosed a copy of a flood insurance policy. I urge you to read this information and act now. I'll call you next week to answer any of your questions, or you can call me at 555-5555. I look forward to hearing from you.