Opportunities/Starting • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


Earn up to $300 to $1,350 weekly in your Spare Time!

My name is John Doe and I' m the president of Doe International. The demand for our products has mushroomed in the past year and frankly we need your help to meet the demand. Experience is not required and you can work this powerful money-making program part-time from your own home.

We need dependable people immediately in order to expand our direct response mailing campaign. You will be mailing our product brochures to prospective customers. Ours is a multi-billion dollar market that's booming. You can cash in by joining our team.

Mail our brochures and Make $1.00 per Envelope plus 50% per Order!

Your participation in our direct response program will give you pre-stamped, preaddressed envelopes directly to your home on a regular basis, along with $1.00 advance payment per envelope. You just stuff our brochures in the envelopes and drop them in the mail. Then, when customers order our products, we will send you 50% of the money on a weekly basis.

You set your own limits on how much you want to earn. There are no quotas or special requirements. You can start with a few and do more after you start making money. By following the easy instructions, you can start receiving envelopes that will be delivered directly to your mailbox. You simply write your special mailer code number on brochures, stuff them in the envelopes, and drop them in the mail.

Receive & Stuff 300 Envelopes... Earn $300.00

Receive & Stuff 750 Envelopes... Earn $750.00

Receive & Stuff 1000 Envelopes... Earn $1000.00

Direct response is a proven method of marketing. When you send out 750 brochures, for example, you could receive up to 75 orders. At the rate $18.00 profit per order, that's another $1,350.00 in commission checks directly from us! We send out checks every Friday to people like you nationwide. You will be paid as an independent contractor so we will not deduct any taxes from your checks.

This is not multi-level marketing or door-to-door selling. It is a proven mail order system for direct distribution to our consumers. We handle the inventory and shipping and pay you directly as products are sold from the brochures and catalogs.

We trust that you will be prompt in stuffing and mailing out the brochures to highly motivated prospects. This will ensure the best response. Once you're registered as one of our home workers, all the people who order will be linked to your code number so whenever they reorder products or catalog items you will be paid 50% again and again!

How to Get Started Immediately

In your initial supplies package, you will be supplied with everything you need to get started. We require a $39 registration fee that is refunded upon processing your first 200 envelopes. This helps eliminate curiosity seekers and shows us that you are serious about following through with our program.

You'll make money two ways with this program. You earn $1.00 per envelope by processing pre-stamped, preaddressed envelopes through our direct response campaign. You earn $18.00 per order when customers order and reorder our products. Doe International offers 100% satisfaction money back guarantee on everything we sell so you can be sure we offer only the best!

Now is the, best time to get your share of this exciting business. We share the money with you 50/50 because we want you to be successful so we can both prosper! With the way demand for these products has been increasing, I need you to join our team as soon as possible. Welcome to our family of home workers!

Example Letter #2


Your home business has unique problems. You don't have the advantage of being able to answer your phone all hours of the day and night. Orders, client questions--you really don't have the luxury of missing a call. And a regular answering service isn't set up to help except in a very impersonal way.

Now you can relax and know that all's well when you have to be away.

Doe Office Assistants has been helping home-based businesses for eight years. Not only will we answer your phone, but we will pass along messages, answer routine questions, and more.

Find out how efficient and economical we are. Call 555-5555 today. We will arrange for a convenient time to explain our services.

We have the services you've needed but didn't know where to find.

Example Letter #3


A business opportunity that will rock the world!

I've got a business opportunity to share with you that is going to change millions of peoples' lives for the better!

This is not another "how to" package of rehashed stuff. This is a real turnkey business--a totally new and very profitable way to make money. What makes me really crazy is knowing how few home-based business people know what I'm about to tell you.

I've spent a lot of time searching high and low for ways to make good money from home--and, yes, I've been bitten a few times. But I knew, somewhere, somebody would create a home-based way to make money part-time on the Internet...an honest way to earn money in today's new e-commerce world.

Somebody did it--and this is your opportunity to see if it's right for you!

They Did It Right--Once and For All.

Now, do yourself a favor and check it out, every which way you can think of. Pick my brain. Do whatever you have to do to make up your mind!

Don't have time to read further right now?

Get the special report that is rocking the home business world. Click here now to send us an email and the report will be waiting for you in your email Inbox!

Example Letter #4


Weary of the "same old, same old" job?

Doe Consultants specializes in setting people up in their own home businesses. We show you how to:

*(list features)

We help you decide what business is best for you from our over 250 opportunities. We can even arrange for small business loans.

Let us show you how to be successful in your home business. Contact us at (web address, phone).

Example Letter #5


If you're working hard on the Net but only making marginal commissions, you owe it to yourself to look at what we have to offer!

Join us Today and be part of a very successful group that earns $500 every time someone says "YES"!!!

It's True!

You can easily earn $500-$2,500 a week working part-time from home. This is an established home business that we are working over the Net. It's fun, profitable and you'll be sharing something everyone wants!!!

Join us now and receive:

*(list prominent features)

Hurry to: (web address)

Example Letter #6


Here's a great family business. You can work from home--part time or full time. It's fun and exciting. What is it? It's being a distributor for Doe's Doll Collectibles--one of the hottest and most profitable businesses today.

Here's how it all works:

Our Distributors have nothing but praise for Doe's Doll Collectibles:

*(list testimonials)

What's next?

Simply fill out the enclosed form and send it to us, or call (800)555-5555. Be sure to include your check for $29.95 for your Sample Kit.

You'll receive

*(list contents of the kit)

This is quite a package!

So act today! Only one Doe's Doll Collectibles distributorship is allowed per geographic area. Order now before your area is taken!

Example Letter #7


Do you want your life back? Do you find yourself wishing someone would help you with those everyday house, car, and personal chores? Are your days filled with work and family and little time for running errands? When you schedule a repairman to do work in your home, do you have to take valuable leave time from work? What happens when you need your car serviced?

If you need your life back and are looking for a reliable person, call us--Doe Assistants. Why not rely on us to do these and other chores for you?

We are a family-owned business with excellent references. Our experienced employees are trained in time-saving procedures. Our clients call us back because we have proven dependable; we get the job done so that you can focus on more important things. And our prices are more reasonable than you think. What is getting your life back worth?

Call for information at 555-5555.

Example Letter #8


Would you like to spend more at-home time with your family? Do you have hobbies you'd like to pursue after work hours? Or do you need a couple more hours a week just for yourself?

Use our meals-at-home services and get more hours in a day.

With our services, you can gain extra hours weekly. We take the drudgery out of shopping and cooking. We provide made-to-order meals! You choose your menus for the month. We shop for the freshest ingredients and cook according to recipes you choose. You eat the food you enjoy and save valuable time and money!

This is how we work. During our at-home consultation, you choose from one of several plans. Decide how many meals you want prepared for you. We cook these meals either in your kitchen or ours. Then we fast freeze the individual portions and stock your freezer. Each dish is labeled as to content with instructions for heating. At mealtime, you just retrieve your choice from the freezer, heat it up, and enjoy!

You don't want to settle for those cardboard-tasting TV meals. For about the same price and without the hassle of shopping, you can be eating nutritious meals.

Consider the many hours you will save. Fewer hours cooking or waiting in grocery lines mean more hours for you.

We are so certain that you will enjoy our services that we offer a special three-month contract at up to a one-third reduced cost to you. The more meals per week that you request, the more you will save.

Call us at 555-5555 now. Talk to our staff. If you wish an estimate, our representative will meet with you to discuss your needs. We provide references from satisfied customers.

Don't wait. Save time and money now!

Example Letter #9


Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, Home Makers, Students, and More!

What Do ALL These People Have In Common?

They all have a NEW way of thinking!

Our organization has helped people from all walks of life earn from 10k to 50k per week/month from the privacy of their own homes, and they are achieving financial independence in 2-3 years obviously wealthy and having total freedom, both personal and financial.

How would you like to:

* (list 3-5 one sentence bullet points)

How about:

* (list another 3-5 one sentence bullet points)

One question that is always asked is why do we share such powerful knowledge? I asked this question myself when I was introduced to this opportunity, and to my amazement I found that there was no competition! A powerful sense of teamwork... And an organized training system already in place.

This was the greatest education of my life, but it was not all learned in a little email. I obviously cannot talk to thousands of people who are just nosy, so if you are TRULY interested in making a major change in your life, then please contact me to see if we can work together and if you meet certain criteria. No mistake about it... ANYONE can do this, but I am looking for a passionate desire for change and a strong commitment to financial freedom!

This is about Money, Freedom, and Financial Independence.

It is unlike any other business and it is NOT MLM

Please contact me at (e-mail, phone, and address)

Example Letter #10


Fire Your Boss! Double Your Income!

Let me show you how YOU TOO can earn the compensation you deserve working from the comfort of your own home!

* Work from home--No daily commute!

* Spend more time with your family!

* Get out of the "Daily Grind," forever!

* Save money on your taxes!

* You determine your own income level.

This is a REAL business opportunity with REAL income potential. It is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme, MLM, or pyramid scam. We are looking for a few motivated people to share in a one-of-a-kind business opportunity. If you are motivated, teachable, and have reasonable people skills, you owe it to yourself to call for more information.


If you think it sounds "too good to be true" don't call!

Our goal is to provide you with useful services and products.

Example Letter #11



Are you sick of working at a job for too little pay, too many hours, no personal rewards, and even less future? Is working for your "boss" demeaning and unrewarding?

NO SPECIAL SKILLS OR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. We will give you all the needed HANDS-ON training and personal support you will need to ensure your success.

You can learn how to earn a minimum of $7,000.00 per month to as much as $25,000.00 a month running your own business.

Our 30-year-old company is offering a new package to get started in this exciting business, which includes hands-on training and personal support by our staff at a greatly reduced price to those who qualify.

We're looking for a few people who aren't afraid of a little hard work and have an "Extraordinary Desire to Earn" at least $7,000.00 per month.

This is a ground-breaking opportunity and the window of opportunity will close soon. Once it's gone, it's too late. So, if you are serious and not just curious, call today.

If you have tried other opportunities that failed to live up to their promises, THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM ANYTHING ELSE YOU'VE SEEN!

THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME! It is a true Business Opportunity.



"All of our dreams can come true--if we have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney

Example Letter #12


Are you tired of 9 to 5?

Let us show you how to be successful in your home business...

We are living in the most prosperous country and time in history. Now is your turn to share in the profits. Learn how to earn SIX FIGURES from your home. It is easier than you think!

Plus, receive your FREE Gift & FREE Info when you visit our web site.

Example Letter #13


Sick of the 40 x 40 x 40 Plan?

Work 40 hours per week for someone else for 40 years ... then receive a 40% reduction in pay?

Is working for a "boss" demeaning and unrewarding?

Are you tired of depending on a job with too little pay, too many hours, and even less future?

If you want to retire in the next 2 to 5 years with enough income and REAL Financial Freedom, and are not afraid to work for it, I can help you.

I am looking for people with Good Work Ethic and extraordinary Desire to Earn at Least $10,000 per Month while Working From Home!

NO SPECIAL SKILLS OR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. We will give you all the training and personal support you will need to ensure your success!

This LEGITIMATE HOME-BASED INCOME OPPORTUNITY can put you back in Control of your Time, Your Finances, and Your Life!

If you've tried other opportunities in the past that have failed to live up to their promises, THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM ANYTHING ELSE YOU'VE SEEN!






"The moment you commit and quit holding back, all sorts of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance will rise up to help you. The simple act of commitment is a powerful magnet for help." - Napoleon Hill