General • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


Your status now entitles you to 2 FREE GIFTS.

You need only return the enclosed Gift Acceptance/Order Form by (date) to receive them.

This is to notify you that you are now entitled to the following GIFTS:

These two fine executive accessories are described in the enclosed flyer, and they carry a combined value of $49. You are now entitled to receive these gifts free of charge. Your only cost is the small shipping and handling charge of $4.99.

To receive your Gifts, you need only return the enclosed Gift Acceptance/Order Form. We've provided a reply envelope for your convenience. No further purchase of any kind is required.

For your convenience, each year, you'll receive advance notice of shipment of future annual editions. If you choose to accept these editions, do nothing, and the cost will be conveniently charged to your Doe Credit Card account at the prevailing rate.

Again, these two valuable Gifts are yours free of charge, with no purchase required. We hope you'll enjoy them.

P.S. Please be sure to claim your gifts by (date).

Example Letter #2


Now is our END OF THE YEAR SALE. This is our best sale ever.....check it out!

I have listed many selections of footwear at prices that are hard to beat! PLEASE look through these selections.....and you will find bargains galore. We listed everything with low prices and then we went back and lowered them even more!

Not only do you get a great end-of-the-year sale, BUT we are offering FREE stuff as well!

With this sale you get:

*(list free items such as shipping)

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.........AS ALWAYS! Hurry. This sale ends (date).

Example Letter #3


I just wanted to let you know that once again I'll be sponsoring Doe Candies annual Phone-A-Thon for Valentine's Day. If you participated in years past, you'll remember that everyone who calls on (date) and places an order receives a special discount good for that day. The Phone-A-Thon begins at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.

Preselected callers will receive discounts ranging from 20% to 50%. Two will receive a 20% discount, two will receive a 30% discount, two will receive a 40% discount, and ONE lucky caller will receive a 50% discount. Everyone else who calls during the sale hours will receive a 14% discount. The caller discounts will run like this:

Callers #1 and #18 will get 20% off.

Callers #5 and #22 will get 30% off.

Callers #10 and #28 will get 40% off.

And Caller #25 will get 50% off.

When I answer the phone, I will let you know which caller # you are. (I must have an order before I will go to the next #).

If you call and place a bunch of small orders, you have more chances at being a Big Discount winner! Remember, the discounts are according to the # in which you call. Good Luck.

Example Letter #4


Doe's Anniversary Sale! is proud to announce our four year anniversary. We want to thank all of our loyal customers who have supported us since the beginning, and those of you who might be shopping here for the first time. As a simple gesture of our appreciation we are offering limited-time sale prices on our most popular products. This sales ends on (date), so visit our web store today. Thank you for your business and we look forward to providing excellent service and low prices for years to come.

Click here to enter our store.

Example Letter #5


We just wanted to thank you for choosing Doe Rents for your first job in your new catering service. I'm sure it was a great success. We all wish you the best success with your new company.

At Doe Rents, we are ready when you need us. In addition to chairs, tables, china, silverware, table linens, and glasses, which you have already rented from us, we can also supply you with:

*(list other items)

Please call us soon! 555-5555.

Example Letter #6


Doe Sales has pulled together the best deals on items for everyone on your gift list. Plus, if you register with Doe Sales now, you'll get cash back on every purchase.

Here are some of our great deals:

*(list special deals and cash-back amounts)

And, if you order through (date), we give you FREE Shipping.

At Doe Sales you'll find thousands of unique gift ideas--and cash back! Click here to register and to visit our site.

P.S. Remember, when you order by (date), you receive free shipping!

Example Letter #7


As you are well aware, recent tragic events in our community have affected our businesses, but more importantly, our lives. To show our support, Doe Printing is offering to our customers Community Pride Labels. To purchase these labels, please refer to the special pricing listed below. Lastly, if you or your loved ones have been directly affected by the recent tragic events, we offer our thoughts and prayers in your time of need.

Example Letter #8


Thanks for making (year) our best ever. Sales are up 30% over last year. That's exciting news!

As a token of our appreciation, we are sending you the enclosed (name of gift). We hope you enjoy it.

This (gift) is what we think will push our volume to record levels this year. After you use it and enjoy it, we'd like your feedback.

Again, thanks for your loyal support.

Example Letter #9


Are you tired of the same old entertainment for your company party? Perhaps I can offer you something new and exciting.

My name is John Doe and I am a professional magician. Over the last 10 years, I have performed in (names of hotels, etc) and for many companies like yours, including (names of companies).

I have enclosed a video of my show and a list of references. If you have upcoming entertainment needs, I would appreciate your considering my services. I know I can provide you a show that you won't forget.

I'll be in touch with you in about a week to set up an appointment to discuss the possibilities. Thanks for your time.

Example Letter #10


This fall, let us make your finances a holiday treat!

Doe Bank offers a sweet checking account for a limited time--but just in time for your holiday cooking. Open an account with Doe Bank before October 15 and we will give you absolutely free a copy of Gourmet Cooking for the Holidays, the best-selling cookbook filled with delicious recipes.

To kick off our "Sweet Checking Account" promotion, we are inviting you to come to our main office (address), this (date/time), where you can sample Gourmet Cooking for the Holidays' recipes. Please join us and come hungry!

Stop by today to open your account.

Bon Appetite!

Example Letter #11


Learn more about the Doe Society by calling us for information at 555-5555!

(List 5 or more testimonials)

Order Our Cards And Gifts Now! You'll be one of the many to enjoy them.

(Order information)

We love our customers. Receive a free autographed bookmark with your next order.

Example Letter #12


You're looking for a special gift, but what to give? Here's your opportunity to be creative.

These special gifts cannot be found in any store. Come to the world of personalized rubber stamps. Check out the examples by following this link! (Give link)

Aren't they beautiful?

These are not typical office stamps. These stamps are meant to be gifts.

*(list prominent features)

Fine craftsmanship--that's our hallmark. Your grandparents might remember seeing stamps like these in prestigious offices.

We can assure you that everyone who has received one of our gift stamps is elated, joyously showing it off to friends and family. And it gets used time after time. Order now and give a timeless gift of quality.

Choose from our selection of art, place your text around the 'stamp face,' and the unique stamp is complete. We will make your gift stamp within 48 hours! And it will be delivered right to your door.

P. S. We are determined to provide you full satisfaction. At any time you can send the stamp back for full refund, no questions asked.

Example Letter #13


Astound Your Friends!

Create your own one-of-a-kind greeting cards for friends, family and business associates with our easy-to-use software.

Doe Greeting Cards Software makes it easy!

You'll never have to guess.

* Choose phrases,

* sentences,

* rhyming words

* unique messages.

You'll be surprised at how easy and time-saving our product is. And Doe Greeting Cards Software saves you money over buying expensive store greeting cards. Order today and we'll send you Doe Stationery Maker FREE!--a $19.95 Value. But act by (date), supplies are limited.

Example Letter #14


Happy Anniversary!

I mean the anniversary of our last review of your financial plan.

As time goes on, situations change.

A new baby ... a child gone to college... a new home ... a raise at work ... a job change ...

These are reasons why we review your financial circumstances each year to make sure everything's up to date. And, it only takes a few minutes.

I'll call you in a few days to set up a convenient time.

It's one anniversary you don't want to forget.

Example Letter #15


Part of a congregation's growing larger is the challenge of maintaining a sense of community between new and longtime parishioners. One excellent way to bring people together is to publish an annual album of photos of church members.

Doe Photography can create a beautiful album at no charge to the church or to parishioners for the photo sittings. We'll photograph each member then compile the album. Once completed, the album will be made available to parishioners for $12 (10 percent of which we'll donate to your church).

We'll call you next week to answer any questions and discuss a convenient time for scheduling the photo sittings. When we talk, I'll give you names of other congregations who have used this service.

Example Letter #16


Store away your winter coat and break out your Irish Green and Easter basket--Spring is just around the corner!

While it may take you a while to find a four-leaf clover for St. Patrick's Day (or where your kids hid their Easter eggs), you don't have to look very far for fun creative ideas like FREE spring e-cards, downloadable images, and fun activities--you can find all of that and more at!

And be sure to take a look at our NEW Birthday Collection, featuring more than 75 ready-made projects just $12.99!

Here's to a happy spring!