Letter #1


How much do you know about funerals?

Do you know what services are available or their costs? Do you know what funerals are projected to cost in the future?

How can you plan today?

These answers are all found in our new booklet called (name of booklet). Doe Funeral Home will send it to you free, just for requesting it. Simply return the enclosed postpaid reply card today.

P.S. You don't want to be planning a funeral at an emotional time. This free booklet answers all your questions. Send for your copy today.

Letter #2


Have you prepared your loved ones for the eventuality of your death?

This is a hard question, but one that needs to be asked and answered. Preplanning for the inevitable can save your loved ones considerable stress. At Doe Cemetery, we can ease that discomfort. We offer a variety of plans to suit your needs.

Please accept our invitation to tour our beautiful grounds and visit our facilities. Doe Cemetery has been assisting people to make these delicate decisions for over 25 years. Our professional counselors can help you make the best decision for you.

Give us a call to set up an appointment at 555-5555. We're certain that Doe Cemetery is the right choice for you and your family.

Letter #3



Commemorate the memory of your loved ones with a Doe Brothers Monument. Let us help you create a memorial that properly represents the life of your loved one. We offer a variety of monuments and markers. We'll even customize a monument to suit your special desire.

Call or stop by to view our showroom. We are located at (address), or call 555-5555.

Letter #4


A most difficult subject, which you may not like to consider, is having to make funeral arrangements someday. For most families, it can be an emotionally stressful time with many decisions to be made. At Doe Funeral Home we can lessen the anxiety by helping you plan ahead.

Doe Funeral Home is situated on a beautiful 20-acre, grassy park. Some sites are among trees and others overlook the river. And the cost is very affordable. You can finance your site for only a few dollars each month.

Now is a nonstressful time to make decisions about your funeral while you can take the time to carefully consider the options. Lifting this burden from your spouse is a true gift of love. Please call us at 555-5555 to discuss our many plans.

Letter #5


A death is often overwhelming for a family. Making final arrangements can be very difficult. At Doe Funeral Service we understand how to help you through your time of grief. Since (year), our funeral home has served the families of (city).

Doe Funeral Service takes the stress out of funeral planning. We are a locally owned company that cares about the people of (city). We would love to send you information about the services we offer. Won't you please take a moment to call 555-5555, or return the self-addressed card indicating your interest?

Letter #6


No one wants to talk about funerals. But for the sake of your family, a little planning now can help ease the grieving. Doe Funeral Home can help. We have many plans to choose from, each one very affordable:

*(list prominent plans)

We would be happy to discuss our services in your home at your convenience. Doe Funeral Home has served (city) families for over 25 years.

It's a gift of love, and Doe Funeral Home is here to help.

Letter #7


When you experience the loss of a loved one, the family is often concerned about what message they would have wanted on their marker. Taking a little time now to make that decision can ease the stress later. Doe Monument can help you through the process, and we many affordable plans to choose from.

Over the last (#) years the professional craftsmen at Doe Monument have designed beautiful monuments for people like you. Each design is unique, according to you tastes. We take the time to discuss your desires and your budget.

Making such advance arrangements is a consideration your family will always appreciate. For all of your loved ones, call Doe Monument today--555-5555. The consultation is without obligation.