Fitness at Clubs/Centers • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


Please check your calendar. Your membership to the Doe Fitness Club will expire on (date). We're sure you have enjoyed your membership and the health benefits you receive. Our trainers, exercise equipment, courts, track, swimming pool, and other facilities have been rated #1 in (publication).

If you renew today, we will give you a second membership for someone in your family at half price. This would make a great gift for your spouse or perhaps a teenager--something that will benefit them for life.

Don't miss a day at Doe Fitness Club. Renew your membership today.

Example Letter #2


You don't have to diet to lose weight!

Throw out those gimmicky diet programs. Dump the potions and pills.

Come join your friends at Doe Fitness Center. You'll be amazed at the difference that just a few short weeks can make.

We make fitness fun and exciting. We will assign you your own personal trainer for constant encouragement. No more exercising alone. No giving up. We're always there for you. We're never satisfied until you've accomplished your goal.

10 Pounds? 20? 30? More? Doe Fitness Center guarantees you'll make it!

Come in for a tour. We'll show you our portfolio of clients who used to think they could never be thin. We are located (address, days, times). Of course there is no obligation. So what have you got to lose?

Go pull out the "thin" clothes you stored away. You'll be wearing them in no time.

Example Letter #3


Remember the great music from the big-band era?

What better way to get in shape than to exercise to your music!

Jane's Exercise announces a class just for you--Golden Aerobics. Get in shape with people your own age. Enjoy your music. Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? No problem. We fit the exercises to your level.

Classes begin (date). Space is limited, so call Jane today at 555-5555. We will have so much fun!

Example Letter #4


Keep both your mind and body in top shape.

Doe Executive Health Club is located on the 2nd floor of the Doe Building, central to most downtown businesses. We invite you to come and take a tour--in fact, come for one free session just so we can get acquainted. We'll show you our:

*(List facilities)

Doe Executive Health Club is the place where executives gather.

Read the enclosed brochure for a description of our facility and the services we offer. Call us to let us know when you are coming: 555-5555. We are looking forward to showing you our club.

Example Letter #5



I've made it very easy for you to decide whether our Thai-jitsu program is for you. For $19.95 you'll receive one private lesson with one of our highly trained instructors, participate in a regular class, receive a martial arts uniform, and be given a tour of our facility. This will give you a chance to visit our school, meet our staff and work with our instructors. This is your chance to try us out with NO OBLIGATION!

For only $19.95 you receive...

1 PRIVATE LESSON ($100.00 value.)

(Describe lesson)

1 THAI-JITSU CLASS ($25.00 value)

(Describe class)

A THAI-JITSU UNIFORM ($20.00 value)

(Describe uniform)

All together, we're giving you $145.00 worth of services and products for just $19.95 just to check us out. That's how confident we are in our program. Now you have to take action and see it for yourself.

Call us today at 555-5555. We'll answer any questions and schedule a special time for you. You'll be glad you called.

Thank you. I hope to see you soon.

Example Letter #6


You can live like the rich with your own personal trainer. It's true! And it's affordable. For about the price of your light bill, Doe Fitness Center will assign you your own personal trainer to customize a health plan just for you.

Listen to what our customers say about us:

(list testimonials)

People who use personal trainers report better results and less desire to quit. Doe Fitness Center has some of the best trainers found anywhere, including (list trainers and qualifications).

Don't procrastinate. Your health is too valuable. Call Doe Fitness Center at 555-5555 to set up a free consultation.

Example Letter #7


Monotony and lack of variety are the primary reasons why people give up on exercising. At Doe Fitness Center we can solve those issues and more! We offer:

*(list prominent services)

Doe Fitness Center has a full array of exercise machines and a professional staff to help you vary your workouts in a fun, effective way. We also offer classes in:

*(list classes)

Now, for a limited time, get in shape with big savings. First-time members receive their first month free. But you must act by (date). Come to Doe Fitness Center and see how exercise can be both healthy and fun.

P.S. Remember, the offer is good only until (date).

Example Letter #8


Want to break out of the winter blahs?

Doe Dance Academy can make winter vanish--Snap!--just like that. Drag yourself away from the TV and come join us for our Dance Team Workshops. It's fun. It's active. It's a skill you'll enjoy for the rest of your life!

We are enrolling now for our special summer workshops for dance teams:

*classical ballet for dance teams

*classical ballet is the basis for all dance forms

*classical ballet teaches the essentials of movement:




body positions

muscular flexible steel



grace and poise



stage presence

Don't take my word for it. Schedule a time to visit us at Doe Dance Academy and take a look at some of our classes in session. We are located at (address). Or call me at (phone). Remember to call first.

P.S. If you enroll by (date), you receive a 10% discount for our summer classes. Enrollment is limited so act today!