Credit Unions

Letter #1


We will pay YOU to do business with Doe Credit Union.

That's right. Through (date), we will start your account with a one-year $25 CD and pay for your checks.


Because we want your business. And because we are sure you will want to stay with Doe Credit Union for a long time.

At Doe Credit Union you get:

(List advantages)

So, isn't it worth giving us a try? Open your new account by (date) and the CD and free checks are yours!

We look forward to being your credit union.

Letter #2


We at Doe Bank understand all about busy schedules, and we can help you optimize your time.

We are offering three special services to make your life a little easier:

*(List services)

(Read more in the enclosed brochure.)

Time and money--we can save you both at Doe Bank. Stop by and see us today.

Letter #3


Thank you for "checking us out!" Your decision to open your checking account at Doe Bank is one you won't regret. You've just cracked the door to all the services Doe Bank offers.

Our goal at Doe Bank is to help your money make money for you. We can show you how to:

*(List prominent features)

Pave the way for financial security later in life.

Doe Bank boasts an expert staff, who specialize in everything from estate planning to trusts.

Visit any of our branches today. Let us help you draw up a plan and a course that can make that plan a reality. Call soon for an appointment (555-5555).

Letter #4


Good morning, Jane,

You know as well as I that bankers can be such pains!

They do, though, have one redeeming quality they serve to remind me that my competing with them is running them out of business.

"How can you make money?" they ask me. "You don't charge enough interest!"

You see, Jane, our association credit union doesn't have all the big bank overhead. We're in it just for you. Of course, I'm sorry if the bankers are feeling the pinch.

Through the end of the month, we can offer you a special rate on a car loan--only 5.9%! Try to match that anywhere. And, since we know you at the credit union, the paperwork will be simple.

Why don't you come and see us today?

And tell your banker not to cry about it. Maybe we can find him a job working for us!

Letter #5


You may have already heard about the proposed merger of Doe and (name of company). I wanted to let you know that in the next few weeks you will be receiving proxy materials about the merger. The board of directors and I strongly encourage you to vote "yes" as soon as you receive our proxy materials in the mail. Your vote is very important to us. Failure to return your vote will count as a "no" vote.

I also would like to tell you directly why we believe this merger will create a better, stronger company. In this merger, Doe and (name of company) each brings distinctive, complementary strengths. (List distinctive strengths of the two companies.) By blending these strengths, we believe the new Doe will provide an excellent platform for delivering superior long-term performance.

Together, we have the opportunity to achieve unusually attractive growth in future years. For shareholders, we believe the upside benefits will be substantial, with immediate cash earnings accretion and the potential for expansion in our price to earnings multiple--and therefore potential for a higher stock price.

Here's what we intend to achieve in this partnership:

First, (write)

Second, (write)

Third, (write)

The name of the merged organization will be Doe--a name of financial distinction since (date).

From a management and operational perspective, we believe both Doe and (name of company) are well prepared for seamless merger integration for our customers and clients, communities and employees.

Some of the most frequently asked questions we've received from shareholders are:

* (list questions and answers)

We invite you, as a shareholder of Doe, to benefit from the strength of the new merged organization. We look forward to continuing to serve you, and we think you will be pleased as the benefits of this proposed merger become apparent in coming months. We would particularly like to note that we believe this merger is structured to build value for both Doe and (name of company) shareholders and will be immediately additive, not dilutive, to cash earnings.

The proxy materials that will be mailed to you soon will provide additional details about the financial aspects of this transaction. Thank you for your support and for voting "yes" for this transaction when you receive your proxy materials.

Letter #6


Save at least 75% each time you buy or sell stock!

With Doe Stock Brokers you can save at least 75% over the commissions paid to most brokers. We can offer you these savings because we're not a brick and mortar brokerage with high overhead costs. Through the Internet, you work with a professional Doe Stock Brokers agent rather than someone who receives a commission.

Buy and sell as often as you want. No deposit is required. At Doe Stock Brokers, we can manage any size transaction. We guarantee prompt, professional service. And no one beats our price!

Your pre-approved Doe Stock Brokers application is enclosed. Please fill it out and send it back to us. Then, within a few days we'll send you your personal account number.

On the enclosed sheet, take a moment to check out our sample commission rates and the savings you'll receive. You could be saving money today!

P.S. Doe Stock Brokers has reserved a personal account number just for you, but you must act by May 31.

Letter #7


Over 200 years ago, our forefathers celebrated their independence with powdered wigs, tights, and a lot of hard cider. Now we celebrate with barbeques, swimming pools, and skies bursting with fireworks.

Celebrate your credit freedom by checking out our useful advice that will help you maintain your credit rating. It's a freedom money can't buy! Click here.