Letter #1


Are you paying too much to recover money from delinquent accounts? Doe Collections guarantees results at a fair price.

*(list 3-5 prominent services and features)

Call us today 555-5555. We will rush you our free brochure.

Remember, the dollars we collect go directly to your bottom line. Call today!

Letter #2


Collections can be a tightrope act. At Doe Collections, we handle your customers the way you would--with tact, firmness, and persistence.

We're the only professional collection company in (city) to offer (describe unique service). In addition, we can tailor-make a collection plan for you with services that best suit your situation:

*(list 3-5 prominent services)

Pick and choose as you please. At Doe Collections, the choice is always yours. Doing things your way means we keep you informed at every step of the process, sending you timely and detailed reports, and meeting with you often to perfect your collection system.

To learn more, please fill out the enclosed reply card and mail it to us today. Doe Collections is looking forward to helping your business.

Letter #3


We are in a position to brag. Doe Collections has earned a reputation for high efficiency. In fact, our collection rate of (%) is one of the highest in (state). Most collection companies realize only half the success rates that Doe accomplishes on a daily basis.

Why do we succeed where others fail? Because we rely on time-proven principles to get the job done. We've been around since (date). Why change something that's working?

You can count on us. We will contact you next week to set up a convenient appointment. We look forward to serving you.

Letter #4


Since 1985, Doe Collections has served the professional community of (city). Why have we lasted so long when others have not? One simple reason: We collect more and cost you less.

Doe Collections believes that high-priced services defeat the purpose. You need an inexpensive, streamlined system. That's why (#) years ago, we perfected a unique way to offer a high-quality service without charging high prices.

*(List prominent features of the service)

Let us help you free up your cash. Contact us today to receive more information.

With Doe Collections, you have everything to gain. Guaranteed.

Letter #5


Ever wonder if anyone is listening to your concerns?

* (List collection concerns)

Doe Collections listens. We have an affordable answer to your collection problems. As a comprehensive collection agency, we can quickly implement an effective, tailor-made plan to increase your cash flow. And you remain in control of the collection process.

*(list prominent features of your service)

Please contact us today. We'll meet with you at your convenience to develop a plan that will fall into your budget.

Letter #6



You can collect your bad debts now!

Collection agencies don't work!

Telemarketer calls--small percentage.

Form letters--no way!

What you need is an effective option, one that really puts your money in back in your pocket!

We skip all the preliminary steps. Our attorneys contact your debtor personally! If the debtor doesn't pay, he is sued! Every time! No exceptions!


We collect in 10 days or we sue!

We streamline litigation!

We have 93% success!

If you want to collect your money, call now! 555-5555.