Letter #1


Summertime can be devastating on musicians' skills. But there is a way your better students can not only "stay in tune," but actually improve.

We are proud to announce our 11th annual "Youth Concert Tour" that begins June 21. Your standout students should consider being a part of this tour. This summer, we will be performing in:

*(List itinerary)

Auditions are set for the week of May 12-17. Just send me the names of those students you feel might be good candidates. I'll mail you all the details. Please have the names to me by April 29.

Thank you.

Letter #2


Are your child's reading skills slipping this summer?

Demands of reading skills today are so much greater than when you were in school. More than ever, it is easy for a youngster to fall behind--especially during summer vacation.

Doe Reading Camp is the place parents enroll their children for fun, summertime reading. You know it's educational, but the kids think it's a fun activity. In Doe Reading Camp, your child learns to:

*(list prominent features of the course)

Imagine how proud you'll be when your youngster is at the top of the class this coming school year.

Our programs fit your child's needs, which include:

*(list programs)

Since (year), we have taught reading skills to more than (#) students in our camp environment. Find out more information today. Call 555-5555.

Letter #3


Feel that high tension in the air? That's the anticipation of your kids getting out of school and being bored for three months of summer. But there is loads of fun at Doe Day Camp.

For only (price), your children can board a bus in the morning, arrive at camp, and have a blast all day. You won't have to worry about them until evening! And you choose the schedule--some days, every day, skip a day--no problem. Here are some of our fun activities:

*(list activities)

Our staff is certified and we have a fully equipped medical center.

Don't stress over the coming summer. Send your children to Doe Day Camp! Call 555-5555 for more information or for enrollment. Call by (date) and we'll give you a 15% discount off the regular price.

Letter #4


Do you remember watching Planet of the Apes when you were a kid? Well, evolution has returned!

The Doe Science Museum is pleased to announce its natural history exhibit beginning October 1 through the end of the year. Your school group of 20 or more students can come for a discounted rate of only $2.00 per person. That's half the regular price.

We have enclosed information about the exhibit. This wonderful educational opportunity is only here for a short time so call for reservations soon. Ask for Jane Doe at 555-5555.

Letter #5


Looking for exciting new culminating activities? Visit our Doe Learning web site and find a wide variety of cross-curricular activities that will help you extend any topic. Ideas include: (list ideas).

Now that we are out of winter and into the warmer spring weather, games are a great way to motivate students. As well as being a fun way to teach, curricular games inspire students to become active learners. We have math, language arts, social studies, and music games to light up your classroom.

Enjoy the spring! Visit us today at (web address).

P.S. For the month of April, Doe Learning is offering free shipping and handling on all orders. See some suggested titles below. Think of the savings!

Letter #6


Have you found yourself a little older...married...a couple of kids? Wishing you had finished your degree?

It's not too late. Doe Internet University can help you take the courses you need right from your own home computer. And you may be able to complete your degree in less time than you think!

Doe Internet University offers degrees in: (list degrees).

(Give testimonials)

Doe Internet University has counselors who can help your with scholarships and grants...and our low-cost tuition will fit right in with your budget.

Keep your day job and get your degree on your own time. Check out our web site for available classes and tuition information (web address).

That elusive degree is closer than you think! Visit Doe Internet University today!

Letter #7


IT'S NOT TOO LATE... Start Your Crafts Education.

Students of Doe Craft School receive a great education, plus a whole lot more!

Get to know other students

Learn up-to-date information

Make friends

Take a break from the kids

Your kids are in school. How about you?

Classes start August 29.

Every Wednesday evening 7:00 to 9:00.

Call for more information.

Enroll today!


Letter #8


SUBJECT: (Scholarship Information)

As a member of our on-line scholarship search, you are eligible to receive a super low price on our new book, "Student Funding."

Every question you have about student loans, grants, and scholarships is addressed in this easy-to-read book.

To order your copy of "Student Funding," for only $10 (regularly $29.95), simply reply to this message or phone 555-5555.

Take the guesswork out of funding your education. Get your copy of "Student Funding" today.

Letter #9


You must be very proud of your soon-to-be graduate--and you should be!!! You all worked very hard to get to this point. We would like to offer you the opportunity to show your pride by congratulating your graduate in a personalized ad in this year's edition of (name of publication).

You are invited to write memories, words of advice, or congratulatory remarks in your ad, as well as include photos that you provide.

Please review the enclosed examples. If you have any questions, please feel free to call. But hurry, this offer expires (date).

Congratulations again on both your successes!