Web Design • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


Showcase your skills at web design--and qualify for some special attention.

Doe Enterprises announces its 6th annual "Web Design" contest. Win a cash prize of $7500! You can enter by simply building your web design, posting it, and submitting the web address to us. The enclosed materials should answer any questions.

Our panel of judges will select the final winner, who will be announced on our web site on (date). The winner will be interviewed by Jane Doe, and that interview will be posted on our own web site that receives over 10,000 visitors each week.

The submission deadline is March 31. Start creating your design today. If you have any questions, please call me at 555-5555.

Example Letter #2


For three years running, Doe Web Designs has been voted the number one designer of Web pages (publication or organization). Allow me to introduce our services:

*(List prominent services)

We pride ourselves in producing innovative designs and superior copy writing. We guarantee to capture your company's image, its products and services. The "proof is in the pudding"--our clients' web sites consistently receive more hits than their competitors.

You know the value of good advertising and presentation. Doe Web Design is here to help you accomplish that goal. We will call you next week to set up a time for a demonstration of our services. We look forward to creating just the right look and functionality for your company.

Example Letter #3


You have probably realized that the Web is not all it was been cracked up to be. It's not so easy to make quick bucks, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying.

Of course, the reality is that establishing a Web presence is a necessary step.

Where do I start?

Bottom line: Your "real" business is more important.

Let Doe Web Builders create and maintain your web site for you. Sure it will take a little of your time in the beginning. But once it's done, you will have a beautiful Web presence that we will maintain for a nominal fee.

Call us today for a free estimate: 555-5555.

Example Letter #4


It's never been faster or easier to put your business online. Doe Website Builders provides all the tools you need to establish your World Wide Web presence in a convenient and affordable package.

Your Website is a reflection of your company, and much thought and effort needs to be put into your presentation. Whether your taste is for a simple informational or a lavish multimedia site, we can do the job.

Give us a call at 555-5555, or visit us on the Web: www.DoeWebsiteBuilders.com. The little bit of time you invest now can pay big time dividends in the long run.