Miscellaneous Collection #3

Letter #1


You have been a valued customer over the past three years. Please accept the enclosed booklet, "Doe's Safety Tips" as our way of saying thanks.

This book contains all the basics for safety in your workplace that you will ever need. For example:

*(list prominent sections of the booklet)

If you like the ideas in this booklet, you can order additional copies for your employees for a nominal fee of $2.25 each. We have plenty in stock and can ship them to you today.

We have also enclosed our most recent catalog of safety devices. Please take a moment now to look through it and place an order.

Again, thank you for your business.

Letter #2


A major article about us was recently published in (name of publication). We are very proud of our accomplishments, and, as one of our preferred customers, we thought you would be interested in seeing what good things are being said about us.

Attached is a copy of the article. I think you will agree that the reviewer captured the essence of our company, our products, and our commitment to quality.

Letter #3


This letter is redeemable for a free gift!

Doe's Store is having its Moonlight Madness Sale, and we want to invite you to be part of the fun! Everything in the store will be on sale...And a FREE (name of gift) is yours just for dropping by.

Everything starts at (time, day). You will want to take advantage of our huge discounts on all name brand items--up to 75% off items like:

*(list items and prices)

And not only will you save, but if you bring in this letter during the Moonlight Madness Sale, we'll also give you a (name of gift) absolutely free.

Mark your calendar now for the Moonlight Madness Sale: (day, time). Come to the sale early, and don't forget to bring this letter, because our (name of gift) supplies are limited.

P.S. Don't lose this letter! It's the only way to get your free (name of gift).

Letter #4


Earn A Six-Digit Income In As Little As Six Months!

I recently sent you information on how you can take control of your financial destiny and gain financial freedom in less than half a year.

I'm amazed you haven't taken advantage of this incredible way to make money!

This is the opportunity you've been waiting for! Your name was selected because you indicated a serious interest in becoming financially independent.

Doe Products has been firmly established in California for the past three years. Now, we are moving eastward with great momentum. The field is wide open. The opportunities are, too. A career in Doe Products is a chance of a lifetime. Our incredible marketing plan is perfect for building your savings FAST!

Hurry! Don't wait another day! Take the first step toward the comfortable lifestyle you've always dreamed of. Call me at (phone #) and we'll get you on track immediately.

Letter #5


When major concerts come to town and need lighting and production services, Doe Production Services is their first stop.

We've been providing quality services to high profile events for over 20 years. Events like:

*(list prominent past events)

All that know-how is available to you!

At Doe Production Services, we treat every occasion like a high-profile event. Whatever you're planning--(list types of events)--your special occasion will get the same meticulous attention and the same respect.

I'd like the opportunity to introduce you to Doe Production Services. Please call me at (phone).

Letter #6


My name is (name), and I live in Bern Switzerland. I am preparing to open my new business exporting gourmet foods to the United States.

As I have studied various methods of distribution, I have concluded that mail order catalogs are a viable avenue.

I hope you will take a close look at my enclosed samples and brochure. I think you will see that my product line will work well in your catalog. Once you have reviewed the information, may we speak by phone? I will contact you soon for an appointment.

I appreciate your time and look forward to working with you.

Letter #7


As you know, outsourcing your screen printing to an overseas company can save you huge sums of money. Doe Company is a professional screen printer in South Korea. We have been in business for 19 years and have worked with such clients as (list clients).

Our resources include:

*(list resources)

Less expensive manpower and materials enable us to offer low prices for high quality work, especially for small quantities. Continuous shift production and networked Air deliveries enable us to print and deliver jobs within seven days to most destinations worldwide.

We invite you to our web site for a tour of our company: (web address). We believe we can meet your screen printing needs with efficiency and low prices.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to forming a winning relationship with you.

Letter #8


My name is Juan Doe, and I am the president of Doe Translation, a South American translation company based in Caracas, Venezuela.

As I toured your web site, I found it very impressive and noticed a significant amount of information was available in Spanish. My inquiry has to do with your ongoing need for translation. Would your company be interested in outsourcing your translation needs? If so, we are in an excellent position to help you.

Our services through the Internet make the world community a small place. We can translate and deliver documents very rapidly, giving you significant savings in time and money.

By way of introduction, I have attached a list of references and some information about our services. Also, I invite you to our web site at (web address). If you are interested in discussing this subject further, please contact me (email, phone, address). I would be more than delighted to work with you.

Thank you very much for your time. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Letter #9


Please let us introduce ourselves. Our company is one of the oldest import and export companies in Brazil. We were established in 1964, and our annual sales are consistently in excess of ($). Our purpose in writing to you is to open a dialogue that could lead to establishing trade relations.

Please note that our company specializes in exporting:

*(list main products)

We would be happy to send you further information about our company and our products. We invite you to visit our web site at (web address). We sincerely hope this letter will be the first in a long and lasting relationship. Looking forward to your kind reply.

Letter #10


A penny for your thoughts!

(real penny goes here)

For You Mrs. Doe:

This penny is to remind you that Penny Dry Cleaning gives you more for your money than any other cleaner in town. We've checked. No one beats our prices. No one gets your clothes in and out as fast as we do.

And wait until you see how beautiful your clothes will look! Your friends will think you bought a new wardrobe!

Save money with Penny Dry Cleaning today.

(Offer special prices)

These prices are good through March 31. And we guarantee you'll be delighted or your money back.

Bring your clothes down to Penny Dry Cleaning today.

P.S. Your penny is good for another 10% off any order over $10!

Letter #11


We are very close to finishing your prototype. The designer has requested that you double-check the enclosed drawing and give any last-minute instructions. Just make any notes on the drawing, sign it, and fax it back to me. Once you have given final approval, we guarantee shipment within three weeks.

Have a great day!

Letter #12


In my newly published book, Doe's Management for Success, I offer a fresh point of view on how managers can motivate--not intimidate--their team. I know, I know. You've read other management books and you think this one is just another rehash of the same materials. Not so. I focus on:

*(List key points and descriptions in your book)

You will discover easy-to-implement suggestions at the end of each chapter. And my style is said to be humorous and enjoyable. Here is what people are saying:

*(List a few testimonials)

I think you'll agree. This book is already proving to make managers' jobs (and their employees) more enjoyable, less stressful, and much more productive. I know you will love this book. To order your copy (ordering information).

Letter #13


After 30 years of teaching, I think I finally got the hang of it. Object lessons--that was what I discovered. But, oh the time to prepare them! You don't have to. I gathered them all in my new book Making Lessons Fun. Your students will stay on task and their retention will sky rocket! And it's easy to implement. All of the 400 activities can be done with materials that are readily found at school.

Here are just a few examples:

*(list prominent subject and example)

And teachers who have read and used my book are lavishing the praise!

*(list testimonials)

I have no doubt you will love it, too. To order your copy (Ordering information).

Letter #14


You've worked hard on your thesis and now it needs to look great!

Don't take a chance. Doe Editing can help with all your editing, proofreading, and formatting needs.

Located just off campus, Doe Editing has been assisting students with their research and thesis needs for 20 years. Some of our services and prices include:

*(list services and prices)

Call us when you need to have a paper typed or edited: 555-5555.

You'll never have to stay up typing all night again.

Letter #15


Need a job but no one will give you the flexibility you need as a student?

Doe Employment may be right for you. We specialize in finding students temporary jobs--everything from one week to one semester--or more! Here are some of the job listings we have today.

*(list jobs)

Doe Employment can find the perfect job for you. Call us today at 555-5555.

You could be making money tomorrow!

Letter #16


Here's great news for your budget!

The Doe Delivery SlimPak is the quick and inexpensive way to send a light package within a 100-mile radius.

Don't use UPS, regular mail, or an expensive courier service. Doe Delivery beats the lowest price by at least 20%, or we deliver it FREE--our guarantee.

Here are the sizes and weights:

*(list sizes and weights)

The SlimPak is perfect for all the small business items you've got to get to their destination fast. And we insure every package automatically up to $100.

Call Doe Delivery any time, 24/7, to schedule a pick up: 555-5555.

Remember, no one beats Doe Delivery for close deliveries on light packages.

Letter #17


As you know, multimedia presentations are the format of choice for corporate training directors. But who can create a multimedia presentation that looks truly professional? Doe Media can.

Since (year), we have specialized in corporate multimedia needs. Our clients include: (list major clients).

We have in-house experts for sound, photography, copywriting, and Photoshop. We can do:

*(list different kinds of presentations)

Let's face it. Multimedia production is an art. Why go it alone when you can turn the complete project over to us? Find out how easy it is by calling us today: 555-5555. We will give you a complete demonstration of our service.

Letter #18


Are your product brochures outdated and look like they came out of the 1970s? Updating and redesigning can be less expensive than you think. Let Doe Print and Design create a whole new beautiful image for you. How beautiful? Give me a quick call at 555-5555. I will show you our portfolio. I look forward to working with you.

Letter #19


When we helped the Doe Corporation design and print their recent stockholder report, they realized a record 1,271 favorable letters from their stockholders. If you're not getting that kind of response, we can show you an alternative to present the material. Call us today at 555-5555.

Letter #20


We can produce high sales from your back list. One of our client's increased sales 32% in just five months after signing with us. Another client realized 37% increased sales after only three months.

Doe Distributors specializes in helping publishers make big profits off their back lists. To do this, we utilize a marketing combination of:

*(list prominent marketing methods)

Our discounts and payment terms are very competitive. Let's talk. I'll talk to you next week to set up a convenient time.

Letter #21


Last year's prepayment option was so popular we decided to do it again this year.

Now is the season to winterize your air conditioner and service your furnace. Then, during the winter, periodic checks and filter replacements are essential for optimum performance.

Don't worry about trying to remember all these details. Simply prepay your servicing for the season and we will take care of all the rest. And you save over 25% off the regular price of these services. You have to have it done eventually, so why not do it at a substantial savings?

If you decide to take advantage of this offer, please send us your check of ($) for the full winter season (October-April). If you have any questions concerning prepayment or your cost, please call us at 555-5555.

Letter #22


Where do you go when you've got a question about science? Text books--too hard to reference. Encyclopedia--too cumbersome. My new book, Science at-a-Glance is becoming very popular with parents, teachers, and students alike.

I've been a science teacher for 25 years, and I've fielded every possible question. I often thought someone should put together one quick source for answers to the common questions. Then I thought, "Why not do it, myself?" In this fun new book you'll find questions to:

*(list interesting questions)

All the information at your fingertips! You'll love it!

Science at-a-Glance is packed with more than 3,000 questions and answers. I'll bet it can answer your questions, too. To order your copy (ordering information). Get yours today!

Letter #23


Are you interested in reaching a qualified audience of decision-makers and clientele? This letter is your invitation to exhibit at the 15th annual Home Medical Supply Conference.

DATES: (give dates)

LOCATION: (give location)

We expect 550 participants at this three-day conference. The exhibition of products and services is integral to the conference, providing attendees access to sources of equipment, products and innovative technology.

Ample opportunities for attendees to view exhibits are provided during the kickoff social, registration, coffee breaks, and lunch. Coffee breaks will be served in the exhibit room. Location of the exhibit hall will be in the foyer, outside of the session rooms, and in the Ballroom.

The cost per tabletop exhibit before (date) is $100.00 per table for nonprofit, $175.00 for others. After (date), the exhibit fee will be $150.00 for non-profit, and $225.00 for others. This fee includes: (list what exhibitors get as a booth).

Benefits of exhibiting include:

*(list benefits)

Don't delay!! The number of tabletop exhibits is limited. Approximately 56 vendor spaces will be possible. Space will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. To reserve your space, please complete the attached Exhibit Application & Contract for Booth Space Form, and return it with your full payment to the address on the contract.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 555-5555.

Letter #24


Don't miss the pro-life/family/faith event of the year!

You are cordially invited to exhibit your books, videos, materials, products or services at Doe Institute's Family Life Conference at (location, date).

We expect about 2,000 attendees from the USA and several foreign countries. Reserve your space by (date) and receive a special discount of $50 per table. Please see the enclosed registration form.

Our Conference will feature four tracks of simultaneous talks by 40 expert speakers from around the globe. Speakers will include:

*(list speakers)

The Conference will feature:

*(list contents of the conference)

Please join us for a great event! Space is limited, so please register "ASAP." I look forward to seeing you!

Letter #25


Would you like to learn the astonishing secrets of mail order...with no money?

Many business people have been selling products successfully by direct mail for decades. How?

Its formula works! And it can work for you if you learn the ins and outs.

This is your chance to discover the strategies behind starting a successful mail order business with no money.

Here's what you get!

*(list prominent features of the program)

...and much more

You could pay hundreds of dollars for a lesser program. But everything you need to know is available right here at a super low price.

Order your copy today...Right here! You'll be glad you did.

Only ($)

Click Here to Place Your Order (or order information)

One Year Money Back Guarantee

P.S. Discover how to make extra money or even a full-time living with mail order. What have you got to lose with this incredible guarantee?

Letter #26


Your story could be a winner!

If you have a memorable sales story we would love to hear it. Stories should be between 300 and 500 words. Please include a picture of yourself along with your story. E-mail everything to John@Doe.com.

Remember you can't win if you don't enter. All stories will be judged at the end of April by a team of the best sales people you have ever met (Doe's Sales Executive Team). We will pick a winner and award a $50 gift certificate.

Who knows, your story might just help someone close a sale and win you some cash or prizes!

The winner will get his picture and bio published in our newsletter. Just think, you could be famous for just one minute!

Feel free to forward this message to all your sales and business associates.

Letter #27


They're waiting for you now at Doe Bonus Storehouse!

Imagine getting free round-trip air travel to Madrid, Rome, or Mexico. Free nights at Marriott, Holiday Inn, and other fine hotels. Free long distance service. And dozens of other rewards--all available to you without cost or obligation.

It's all true--and it's all waiting for you now at Doe Bonus Storehouse, the leading online giveaway center. Doe Bonus Storehouse lets you take advantage of special free offers from companies around the globe that want to introduce you to their products and services. You can get free books, magazines, computer and electronic products, software, games, sports equipment, and more!

We'll prove it!

We'd like to welcome you to Doe Bonus Storehouse with these fabulous free offers--all of them just a click away.

Get started here!

You're always sure to find something you'll like at Doe Bonus Storehouse. So click now to "test drive" as many Doe Bonus Storehouse giveaways as you like. You'll be amazed at the places you can go, the things you can do, and the money you can save.