Homeless • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


There is no doubt that homelessness is a problem that increases every year. The number of people affected by this plague now exceeds 3 million in the United States alone, and children make up one-third of that number. As the number of homeless grows, resources become scarcer and shelters struggle to provide basic services.

I am part of Students Helping the Homeless, a nonprofit organization that seeks to help solve this problem. My purpose in writing you is to solicit your support as we volunteers raise money and collect food and clothing on our annual walkathon. This event takes place Saturday, (date). I hope you will consider sponsoring me.

Students Helping the Homeless involve hundreds of local students who gather pledges for their walk. The money, food, and clothing go to: (list places and causes).

By becoming one of my sponsors, you can help people who have nowhere else to go.

If you can help and will agree to be one of my sponsors, just fill out the enclosed form and make out a check to Students Helping the Homeless.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Example Letter #2


Every child matters.

That's the underlying principle of the work accomplished by the Doe International Foundation. But we would be unable to put principle into action without the help of concerned members like you.

It's your time and generosity that get things done.

That's why I'm so pleased to announce that in a few weeks you'll receive a beautiful gift from the Foundation.

The Doe International Photo Calendar is just a token of the appreciation we feel for your commitment to our efforts. I hope that you'll display the calendar with pride in your home or workplace. And I hope you'll consider renewing your support of the Foundation today.

You can take pride in the positive difference you've made in the lives of children. Just consider that, with your help, the Doe International Foundation has:

* Increased the number and amount of matching scholarships

* Served children in many countries through programs providing food, medicine, and education

* Assisted children in areas where disasters left them hungry and homeless.

Though the calendar is a gift of thanks for your past support, and you are under no obligation to pay for it, I sincerely hope it will encourage you to continue assisting the Doe International Foundation serve the children of the world.

If you can, please complete the enclosed donation card and return it with your check in the envelope provided. Thank you in advance for your support. People like you make our tradition of service possible.