Catalogs/Brochures • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


Our new line of winter wear features bold earth tones that have been so popular in Europe. Of special interest is our addition of a "big and tall" line that we have found to be very well received.

Please take a few minutes to review our enclosed catalog showing styles and pricing. When I meet with you next week, I'll bring along samples. Until then.

Example Letter #2


Please take just a moment to review the enclosed brochure on the wallpaper you expressed interest in. You will receive actual samples in a separate U.S. Mail package.

The photos in the brochure give you a general idea of the look. But the textures are simply beautiful, as they blend with the colors. Photographs can't do the wallpaper justice.

Think about it over the weekend and let's talk on Monday. Remember, if you use one of our installers, we knock off 25% of the installation fee.

Example Letter #3


You've managed to show your sculpture in some local galleries. Isn't it time to take the next step? Place your art in the Doe Art Catalog and you'll reach a national audience targeted to your art.

Doe Art Catalog is published quarterly and features select artwork from both well-known and up-and-coming artists. You'll recognize the names of:

*(list prominent names)

Because we've established a reputation for quality, we're the perfect showcase for your art.

We've enclosed our rate card for the September edition. Just fill out the enclosed form and we will contact you right away. If you need help, our design staff can create your ad for you.

We hope to hear from you soon. We would be proud to include you and your art in our prestigious catalog.

Example Letter #4


I enjoyed talking with you on the telephone today. As promised, I have enclosed a brochure on our new 21" high definition monitor. Read the descriptions of what this monitor can do--especially with graphic applications.

The Doe Monitor is the only monitor that features:

*(list prominent features)

I'll call you next week to follow up on our conversation. Or you can call me at any time 555-5555.

Example Letter #5


Please take a look at our newest edition of Doe's Restaurant Catalog, the publication that is especially designed for hotel restaurants. As you know, Doe provides you with the best in cookware and kitchen equipment, and has been doing so since (year).

Our new line of cutlery is very exciting. Be sure to check out pages 115-118.

To show our appreciation to our most loyal customers, we have enclosed a 15% discount certificate to use with your next order. We hope you will be pleased with our new line of products listed in the catalog. Take advantage of this opportunity to get some great equipment at an excellent price.

Thank you for your business.

Example Letter #6


Catalogs are filled with great products and great deals. But how does a customer wade through the clutter to focus on your product or service? Let me tell you about Doe Catalog's specialty sections.

In addition to our alphabetical listing, Doe Catalog has created sections that give specific information about specialty areas. In your case, we have a section on wedding plans. We can advertise your bridal gown service exclusively in that section.

This is just one service Doe Catalog offers to build long-term relationships and help you realize the sales you desire.

We'd like to establish a relationship with your bridal gown company by offering you a chance to appear in the special wedding section. In addition, you will be in our alphabetical listing--no one will overlook placement like that.

I'll call you in a couple of days to discuss ad copy and sizes, and deadlines. In the meantime, if you have questions, please call me at 555-5555. It will be great working with you!

Example Letter #7


As I promised, I am following up with our conversation last week. I have enclosed a recent edition of our Doe Southwestern Catalog.

You may remember that last year we expanded our catalog's reach into this new section of the country, resulting in 500,000 more readers in our database. All together our circulation now reaches 2.65 million households. What this mean for you is an extensive market at an affordable cost. Here are some examples of our advertising rates:

*(list various ad sizes, frequency, rates)

Check out our enclosed rate card for more options and deadlines.

If you are still interested in advertising in our March catalog, the deadline is fast approaching. Let's talk next week. I'll call to set up an appointment.

Example Letter #8


If you're reading this, you're not riding your bike. That should be the only excuse. Any cycling enthusiast knows that after work and on weekends, he should be riding his bike.

Check out your reading material for the next quarter--The Doe Bikers Catalog. We have now opened up our catalog order lines 24/7, so you can order accessories and parts anytime day or night.

You'll love our quick, efficient service, and we stock original parts for most bikes back to 1970. Quick shipping? No problem. We deliver in two to three business days so you can get back in the saddle.

We guarantee your satisfaction. If you're not happy, we're not happy, and we want to know. We'll happily receive any item you've purchased and refund your money.

Now, why are you reading this? When you're done riding, give us a call!

Example Letter #9


Welcome ... to the most delicious catalog in print!

As a Doe customer, you'll enjoy the extraordinary levels of quality and service that have made us America's favorite gift source since (date).

* You'll find only the freshest, highest quality gifts--the best-tasting, best looking, most unique creations available anywhere, at any price. No exceptions. Most of them are exclusives, too. You simply won't find these gifts anywhere else.

* Everyone who receives your gifts will be delighted--we promise! Depend on us to take care of all the details: Beautiful presentations, safe packing, and fast shipping. Your orders will arrive fresh, perfect, and on time.

* You can shop anytime--from your home or office. Just call 800-555-5555. Our award-winning Web store is fun, secure, and always open on the Internet at (Web address). If you prefer, you can fax your order: 800-555-5555, or mail it in the enclosed return envelope.

* We'll make it easier to order next time by sending you a complete listing of all the names, addresses, and gifts you've sent in the past. Your gift list will save you valuable time, and it's a helpful reminder of important events throughout the year.

Everything you order is backed by the Strongest Guarantee in the Business.

You and those who receive your gifts must be delighted or we'll make it right with either an appropriate replacement or a refund.

Enjoy our catalog! Hope to hear from you soon.

Example Letter #10


Doe's famous catalog of crafts can be yours...FREE!

The Doe Catalog typically sells for $2.95. But return the enclosed card by May 31 and I'll send you the catalog for FREE.

* (List 3-5 bullet points of advantages and contents)

To receive your free Doe Catalog, just return the enclosed postage-paid card today.

Your days of searching for craft materials are over! Everything you need is in the Doe Catalog.

Send for your free copy today.

Example Letter #11


May I ask you for a personal favor?

I'm the sales manager at Doe Widgets, and my job is on the line!

As a long-term client of Doe, you are in a position to help.

You see, I convinced my boss that our traditional red widgets were tired and we needed to update our line with vibrantly colored widgets.

My boss spent a fortune and now we have widgets in the full spectrum of rainbow colors. These had better sell or I'm in a hot water.

We, at Doe, think our new widgets look great. We think you will, too.

The favor? Spend a few moments reviewing our new catalog. You'll see some of the most impressive widgets we've ever offered.

Once you've reviewed the material, make an order. I think you'll want to anyway. You'll love these new widgets, and my boss will love me.

Please check out our brochure today! The quicker you do, the quicker you'll have these beautiful widgets in your store, and the sooner my job will be secure.

P.S. Take a look at the second page for the American flag design!