Computers/Electrical • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


I have a brand new AM/FM radio for you from the Doe Homeowners Association.

But I need to know where to send it.

Click Here and complete the form so I can ship it to you immediately.

Plus, you can try our Online Grocery Coupon Storehouse. Access is free. This amazing service clips thousands of money-saving grocery coupons from newspapers and magazines and mails them to shoppers like you, who request them. These coupons are the very same manufacturer's coupons for the brand name grocery products you buy every week--good for reducing your grocery budget at any store that accepts coupons.

We currently have over 40,000 coupons worth more than $25,000.00 for all major store brands.

Example Letter #2


We regret to inform you that Doe Computers will be going out of business as of (date). We have had 11 wonderful years in this business, but chain electronics retailers, mail order, and Internet shopping hometown computer stores have made it difficult to continue. Unfortunately, we have decided it is time to close our doors.

We're having a going-out-of-business sale for the next two weeks, with some great saving on hardware software and supplies. Please come and take advantage of these savings. Don't miss out! Once the inventory is gone, it is gone forever!

Thank you for being a supporting customer of Doe Computers.

Example Letter #3


FREE DOE TV SYSTEMS and FREE Installation for Doe Web Site Users!

Call today! 555-5555

Offer valid through September. Requires a six-month commitment to Doe programming at $29.99/mo. (over 105 channels).

Thinking of making the switch from old-fashioned analog cable to the premiere digital satellite entertainment service?

Wait no longer! The offer you have been waiting for has arrived. Call DOE TV SYSTEMS today at 555-5555 and get FREE installation. Your DOE TV SYSTEM and professional installation can be scheduled right now. A one-time shipping and handling charge of $21.95, plus applicable taxes, applies.

Hurry! This offer is only valid through September!

Welcome to the future of entertainment.

Example Letter #4


Recently you requested information on the Doe AM/FM Solar Radio, and we were delighted to send you our brochure.

Since we have not heard from you, we thought you might still have some questions about this technological wonder.

To assist you in making the right decision, we thought you might like to receive answers to some frequently asked questions about the Doe AM/FM Solar Radio.

Does it need sunlight?

No. With its patented spring technology, the radio can be rewound to play night or day, and the solar batteries store up to 15 hours of playing time.

What are some other outstanding features?

* (List 3-5 one-sentence prominent features)

Remember, Doe AM/FM Solar Radio requires no batteries and can be recharged by its patented spring system, by its solar batteries, or by an AC/DC wall adapter. You need never fear being isolated from the world in case of emergency.

I hope this information has been helpful and that you'll allow us to answer any other questions you may have. We can ship the Doe AM/FM Solar Radio to you within 24 hours of your placing your order.

If can help in any manner, please call our toll-free number, and a customer service representative will be happy to help you.

Example Letter #5


Thanks for your request for information about High Definition Television System. Informed shoppers recognize the value and quality in this amazing technology.

I have enclosed some literature that describes all the features you're interested in--the features that make High Definition Television System the most advanced today.

* (list 3-5 one-sentence advantages)

Please note that these television systems come in a wide choice of cabinets: (list primary choices)

But to truly appreciate the visual clarity and the incredible sound, you have to experience it in person. That is why we want to invite you to visit one of our local dealers:

Doe Televisions

(Address, town)

(Another dealer, address, town)

Our dealers will be happy to demonstrate the High Definition Television System, its extraordinary picture and high quality sound.

Why not visit one of our dealers today?

Example Letter #6


I enjoyed breaking away from COMDEX to have lunch with you. Our conversation about our representing your company's modems is something I brought up with our president. You will be pleased to know that he liked the idea and asked me to follow up.

I have enclosed more information about our company and our track record with other similar lines of products. I think you will find it impressive. I would like to schedule a conference call with you, me, and our president for next Thursday, (date), at (time) to discuss the next steps in this relationship. In the meantime, I will prepare a proposal and fax it to you in advance.

Will you please call me to confirm this time?

Example Letter #7


Subject: (Computer Supplies)

During February you ordered CDs from Doe's Computer Supply Catalog. We are inviting you to see how easy it is to place your order online.

Visit our online catalog at and check out our latest specials. You will see that our selection is impressive and so are our prices. Here are some of the deals we are offering online only:

*(list special sales)

And, if you order online by (date), you receive an extra 10% off these already low prices.

Fast delivery? No problem. We ship within 24 hours.

Check out our web site today and place your order. Remember--an extra 10% just for ordering by (date)!

Example Letter #8


Subject: (Doe Modem Enhancer)

Do you spend hours on the Net just waiting, and waiting, and waiting? Would you like a faster connection without the cost of high-cost hardware?

Now you can download the fastest modem enhancer software on the market. Your modem's performance will increase by 50% or your money back. Guaranteed!

Simply click on this link and follow the simple instructions. We will bill your credit card only $12.95.

Put the fastest modem enhancer software to work on your computer now!

Example Letter #9


Double the Speed of Your Computer

You can discover the best-kept secrets of professional software developers, computer manufacturers, and technicians.

Read On!

You won't find this insider information anywhere else. Why? Because the computer industry doesn't want you to find out. If everyone knew these secrets it would cost the computer industry millions of dollars!

So what's the secret? I'll tell you this can transform your PC into a super fast, highly efficient, and very stable machine. And it only takes minutes. Anyone can do it, and it requires NO dangerous methods.

If you are truly serious about doubling the speed of your computer, order Doe's Computer Enhancer today--only $19.95. (Ordering information)

P.S. If you can click a mouse button, you can easily optimize your computer in minutes!

Example Letter #10


We've added a new computer manufacturer to our product line--DoePC! With thousands of name-brand products from hundreds of manufactures, plus all the services and expertise to back up every purchase, it's our goal at Doe to be a one-stop solution for all your technology needs.

Enclosed is a brochure highlighting the latest Doe PC desktops and notebooks, as well as compatible peripherals from name-brand vendors like HP, Brother, and Epson.

By visiting our web site, you'll automatically be entered to win a new notebook (no purchase necessary). But visit us soon--your last chance to enter is November 30. If you have any questions, call 555-5555. We look forward to earning your business.

Example Letter #11


Seeing is Believing!

The Doe Digital Camera blends high tech with ease of use.

Just aim and click! The Doe Digital Camera:

* displays your pictures instantly

* gives super-sharp images

* stores to a floppy disk

* downloads quickly to your PC

You will create photos previously only attainable by professional photographers. But don't take our word. You'll want to see it to believe it. Order today from the enclosed brochure. Order by (date) and receive FREE the award-winning Doe Photo Software--a $29.95 value!

Just imagine your photo albums looking like you had a professional photographer taking your pictures! Order today!

Example Letter #12


We have enjoyed serving your clothing needs and would like to make your purchases more convenient with the use of a Doe credit card. While most department store credit cards charge an Annual Percentage Rate of 21% per year, Doe's charges only 15%, which adds up to impressive savings for you. And we never charge an annual fee.

For more flexibility, we allow a ten-day grace period beyond the payment due date before adding a minimal $5 late fee. As a special bonus during the Christmas holidays, the Doe credit card allows you the option of taking a payment holiday. That's right! No payment required during December. If you return your pre-approved application today, you may delay payments on your first purchase for three months! But hurry! This offer is good only through May, 2019.

Example Letter #13


Have your needs exceeded your computer?

There has never been a better time to trade in your old computer for the advanced, state-of-the-art Doe Computer.

With any system you select, you receive:

*(list prominent features)


This offer is good until June 15. Come in and make your selection!

Example Letter #14


This is your chance to win $400 worth of HOME ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENT!

How would you like to be one of the first to sample the brand new DOE SURROUND SOUND PLAYER?

This newly released PLAYER will arrive in our showroom next week. To see this brand new DOE SURROUND SOUND PLAYER, visit us next week and you will see for yourself what makes this PLAYER the highest rated home electronic equipment of the year.

Plus! You have a chance to win a system for yourself!

To celebrate the release of the DOE SURROUND SOUND PLAYER, we are giving away one system to a lucky customer--a $400 value! All you need to do is complete and send back the attached entry coupon. The winner will be chosen on (date).

Come and see the DOE SURROUND SOUND PLAYER! You will love it.

Example Letter #15


Re: The New Widgets Have Arrived!

Are you ready to be surprised? Well, sit down. The new Widgets have just been delivered to our warehouse. Here's what this unique product can do for you:

*(list prominent features)

This new Widget is easy to use and cost effective--and it costs only $19.95!

Please check out the enclosed brochure. If you order by (date), you will receive a discount of 15% off the purchase price. So call now 1-800-555-5555.

Example Letter #16


Our corporation, located in South Africa, produces a 12-part television series on the subject of water conservation. The video and DVD versions are now available for licensing in the United States, and we are actively seeking a licensing partner. Your company, Doe Corporation, has been recommended to us as having the ability to market this series.

Please review the enclosed samples. Then, if you are interested, we invite you to contact us. (Contact person, address, phone, email)

Example Letter #17


Our company is a Mexican leader in refurbishing computers. We have now established an important market in the United States. As we expand, we are actively looking for distributors.

I have enclosed a brochure of our products and clientele. For additional information, you may visit our web site at: (web address).

I will contact you within the week to see if we may open a dialogue. If you wish, you may contact me at: (email, phone)

Example Letter #18


We are proud to introduce you to the new and improved WIDGET. We hope you enjoy the sample that came with this letter. Here are just some of the improvements we have made:

*(list prominent features)

But don't take our word for it. Try out the sample widget for yourself. We think you'll agree it's better than ever.

P.S. Make sure you use the enclosed 20% discount coupon on your next widget purchase.

Example Letter #19


I enjoyed talking to you today. As promised, I have enclosed some literature on our fall line of products. I have asked John Doe, our area sales manager, to contact you this next week. John is particularly skilled in the technology you offer. I know he can show you how marrying your technology and our products will push profits to your bottom line. For your information, his direct number is 555-5555.

Example Letter #20


I have enclosed our promised proposal to replace your existing Widget lease with our new Super Widget lease. Upgrading to this new product is not only financially attractive, but will also noticeably improve performance.

The rates quoted for the Super Widget lease and the reduced termination charges are firm through July 31 and assuming that you sign the new lease by July 15.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Example Letter #21


Doe Corporation respectfully submits the following proposal for the Macro Computer System.

Since its introduction in (year), the Macro Computer System has maintained the standard for excellence in design computing. Today, the Macro Computer System is the most advanced in the industry.

We hope the information provided in this proposal will help you select the best computer system for your company's needs--the Macro Computer System from Doe Corporation.

Example Letter #22


Let's face it. The term "computer network" strikes fear in the hearts of many business people today. Even though you know you need to network, you may be reluctant to take the step.

Before you spend a dollar on network software, let us take you on a test drive so you can avoid costly mistakes.

Doe Computers, (city's) largest computer hardware and software distributor, is sponsoring a FREE "networking" seminar on (date, time, and location).

You'll discover how to select the right one for your special needs. We will demonstrate:

*(list key features of the session)

I promise that when the session ends you'll understand the basics of networking and be able to make an informed decision. And, you will have a new-found confidence about computers.

For your FREE reserved ticket, please call 555-5555 today.

Example Letter #23


Your office is likely a mix of computers--PCs for the accounting and management departments--Macs for the advertising department. Talking to each other is a major challenge. In many cases, inefficient means are devised.

Give me an hour and I'll show you how corporate connectivity can be achieved--for less than you think. Imagine the time and money you'll save, not to mention how efficient you'll become. It's all within reach. We've got the expertise and experience to answer your questions.

I'll call you next week to arrange a convenient meeting time.

Example Letter #24


Thank you very much for choosing a Doe Computer. We value your business and look forward to meeting your computer needs over the upcoming years. At Doe we understand that responsive, efficient, and effective service is important to you That's why Doe's direct technical support services are a simple phone call away--555-5555.

Customer satisfaction is a Doe priority. Please take a few minutes to read Doe's Warranty and Services Guide that explains the provisions governing returns, warranties, and other services provided by Doe Computer.

We look forward to serving your needs over the upcoming years.

Example Letter #25


We realize that the demands of a busy executive make it hard to appraise new computer services. But if you'll invest just a moment to read the enclosed brochure, we think you'll see how much Doe Computer Consultants can save you valuable time and help you increase sales through technology.

Doe Computer Consultants have helped many companies like yours solve their sales challenges through technology. You will recognize some of our clients listed in the brochure.

We have a brief demonstration that we can conduct on site. We'll call you to set up a 30-minute appointment. We look forward to meeting with you.

Example Letter #26


Your business is bursting at the seams. And educating your employees on your computer system is taking a beating!

Q. How can my new employees learn a new computer system when my business is growing so fast?

A. Simple. The Doe Computer Service offers convenient classes to bring your employees up to speed on computer technology--specifically emphasizing your software.

Doe Computer Service will educate your staff in only four weeks. Guaranteed. With our flexible class hours, your employees can learn quickly, even with their busy schedules.

I'll call to make an appointment next week. I think you'll see how we can help you grow.

Example Letter #27


Have you heard this before?

"It's hard to find a copy writer who can adequately describe computer-related subjects."

This is a common problem--good research, but poor delivery. I can help. As a freelance copy writer, I have written hundreds of technical computer hardware and software manuals, letters, and brochures. My clientele includes: (list prominent clients).

(Give testimonials)

I have enclosed a brochure introducing me and describing my work. I have also included a full reference list and a list of fees. I hope you will consider me for your difficult writing jobs. You may reach me at: (address, phone, email).

Example Letter #28


Need qualified, professional development help?

Try outsourcing overseas.

We are proud to introduce you to hundreds of the best foreign software developers--now available at the click of a mouse. The quality you receive is equivalent or superior to that offered by domestic developers, but at a fraction of the cost.

Here is just a short list that represents some of their skills:

Off-shore/on-site software development

Creation of Internet / Intranet / Extranet applications

E-Business solutions--Development of Client-Server applications

Web design

Wireless applications

Software beta testing

Our developers are experienced in All WINDOWS, UNIX and Mac platforms!

Rates start at only $25/hour.

For more information on these services please click here.

"We represent only the best programmers!"

Example Letter #29


Of all the credit cards you could choose from, you will find that the Doe Gold Card gives you an unprecedented level of service. For the first time ever, we are offering a gold card with a 5.9% introductory APR, a $5,000 credit limit, and no annual fee. Plus, the Doe Gold Card offers you a list of premium benefits, including car rental insurance and 24-hour road emergency assistance.

As an added bonus, we invite you to transfer the balances of your high interest cards to your new Doe account. To take advantage of this exceptional offer, fill out the enclosed invitation and return it by March 31, or call 555-5555 today. We look forward to welcoming you as our newest valued customer.

Example Letter #30


No Payment, No Interest for 6 Months on new Doe Computers!

Doe Computers is proud to announce a very special offer through the Doe Instant Loan program!

If you've been thinking about one of our new computer bundles, now is the time to pick one up and take up to six months to pay with no interest! For full details just call us at 800-555-5555.

OR receive a free DVD Player instead with the purchase of any one of our select computer bundles.

In addition to all that, receive 128MB of RAM free, on top of our already low prices!

Here are some of our great bundle deals:

*(list bundles types, contents, and prices)

Remember, you receive either 6 months free interest or a free DVD Player. But this offer expires on (date), so act today! Call us at (800)555-5555.

Example Letter #31


Visit us at The Computer Expo in Atlanta

The Computer Expo in Atlanta will be held from (dates). We'll be demonstrating the new (name of product) in our booth, so be sure to stop by! Mention you saw this invitation and you might win some terrific software prizes, too!

We'll be in Booth #80 on Aisle C.

And if you can't make it to Atlanta, be sure to visit (web address) during these dates for some great bargains from our online store!

We hope to see you in Atlanta!

Example Letter #32


You Can Get A New $2,000.00 Computer For Only $399!

Find Out How

You heard me right. You can purchase an absolutely new $2,000 computer for the bargain price of just $399. (But only if you are one of the first 50 people to respond to this offer.)

Here's why.

Recently, Doe Computers received the bad new that one of our suppliers was going out of business and would leave us holding the bag for over $20,000. That's a big hit for any company. They offered us absolutely new computers in lieu of payment and we jumped at the chance. Now we have to move these systems fast.

Our Problem Is Your Opportunity

In order to move these 50 systems and recover our money, we have to drastically lower the prices. Let us show you what you will get:

*(list prominent features)

Instead of selling these computer systems at a profit, we'll be happy just to get our money out of them. Come and see for yourself and reserve your system at this low price. But please don't wait. The supply is limited.

I really hope you'll be one of the 50 lucky people to take advantage of this golden opportunity.

Example Letter #33


Congratulations! Your new VCR was a smart buy at Doe Warehouse. You can be sure you received an excellent value for your money. Now, you can add to your savings with a Buyer Protection Service Agreement. This plan extends the factory warranty on your product and saves you from the hassle and expense of costly repairs.


It's true most products come with a factory warranty, but this often expires in just a few months while the equipment is still relatively new. In reality, wear and tear takes its toll on even top-of-the-line equipment and the odds of a product breakdown only increase with age. That's why the Buyer Protection Service Agreement is so important. It's there to safeguard you when you're likely to need it most.

Given the complexity of today's components and the skill required to fix them, even minor repairs can be costly--not to mention the inconvenience of locating a factory-authorized service center on your own.


Through this special offer, you can lock-in up to 3 years of protection at substantial savings over the 1-year plan. See how much you can save:


This is your one and only opportunity to add this valuable coverage to your VCR's list of great features. You will not receive another offer so it is important that you reply now. Complete and return the enclosed Reply Form along with your payment by May 5. If your desired level of coverage costs $50 or more, you can make three easy payments at no extra cost. For more information, please call 555-5555.

Example Letter #34


We have long considered you to be one of our most valued customers, but have noted that you have not used your Doe charge account recently. Is there some problem that we can help to resolve? If so, please feel free to call me at 555-5555.

In any case, we would like to draw your attention to our new interest rate structure. We charge only 6.9% on the first $1, 500 of your outstanding balance and 8.9% on the next $1,500, rising to a maximum of 17.9% on that portion of the balance over $3,000. This makes our card truly economical to use for all those little purchases that come up from month to month.

Now is a great time to come back to Doe's. You can use the enclosed coupon to obtain a 20% discount on your next Doe card purchase. Remember, at Doe's we stand by our products- and our customers!

Example Letter #35


As a preferred customer, we would like to invite you to take advantage of the convenience of a Doe Corporation charge account. Quite apart from the excellent terms and conditions we offer, a charge account with us will entitle you to advance notice of special offers and the same excellent discounts we offer our regular, high-volume customers. And don't forget, our charge account customers are able to take advantage of these special deals at any time and schedule the payments to suit themselves!

The enclosed copy of our terms and conditions has an application form attached. Just fill it out and mail it, and you will have your charge account in time for our next big sale.