Accessories • Letter Templates

Example Letter #1


Blow the roof off!

Doe Car Stereo can install the new (name) stereo system in your car for under (price)! And if you come in by (date), we'll knock off another 10%!

We carry all name brands. We've got something just right for you. Come and see us today!

Example Letter #2


Did you know that in the city of (name), someone is the victim of a car theft every 10 minutes? It can happen to you. And don't rely on the security systems that come standard from the manufacturers. If your car does not have an alarm system, it is an invitation to burglars. Protect your car with a Doe Security System today.

In our showroom, we have a variety of affordable security systems. And our professional technicians can install one for you in just one hour. Here are just some of the benefits:

*(list key features)

Doe Security Systems can work within any budget--and your car will be safe from theft. Come by today (address). Bring this letter and receive a 10% discount.