Announce a Change In Policy or Fee Amount • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


Tell your client about the details of the changes and thank him or her for being your customer. Most importantly, deliver the news of a price increase graciously and sympathetically. Do not attempt to make a sale with this letter.

How to write this sales letter:

  1. Tell the customer about the change in policy or fee amount, give its effective date, and explain how it will affect the customer. If you desire, explain why the change is necessary.
  2. Explain how the customer will still benefit.
  3. Thank the customer for his or her loyal patronage.

Example Letter #1


Because of a surprising rise in the cost of materials, we have tentatively raised prices on our entire stock. The change is effective immediately, but we hope it will be temporary.

You will still receive the same quality Doe merchandise, and we will still keep our commitment to next-day delivery. Early indications suggest that when the volatile market settles, we will be able to return to an earlier pricing schedule.

We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing from you again. We appreciate you as a loyal costumer as we weather the inflation storm.

Example Letter #2


As you know, we have recently expanded our facility. We have added a pool, increased the size of our workout room, and begun offering free day care. To help offset the cost of construction, we must increase our family membership fees by $25, effective immediately. If you renewed your membership last month you will not be assessed the additional $25 fee until your next renewal date.

Doe Spa now offers swimming, weight lifting, ice skating, and aerobic conditioning for the entire family. And even with the higher price, we offer one the lowest prices in the state. We appreciate your support and hope that you will continue to choose Doe Spa as the place for your family's fitness.

Example Letter #3


To maintain the beauty of our exteriors and common areas, Doe Properties finds it necessary to raise the condominium association fees from $315 to $345 per month, effective July 1. We have postponed the increase as long as possible, but the persistent rise in maintenance costs makes the change necessary now. We will continue to provide the same high-level maintenance and service as you have enjoyed in the past. We are sorry for the strain that this places on your budget and we pledge to do all we can to keep costs down.

Example Letter #4


Good news! Doe Video has lowered its prices! Now all of our movies, including new releases, will rent for the same low price of only $1.49 for two nights. In celebration of our new low prices, we are giving free popcorn and soda with the rental of any two movies--just bring in the coupon at the bottom of this letter. Hurry in and check out our huge selection--we have the greatest collection of classic movies in town!

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Tell the customer about the change in policy or fee amount, give its effective date, and explain how it will affect the customer. If you desire, explain why the change is necessary.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • In order to continue offering the lowest prices on the market, effective July 1, Doe Corporation will send orders only on the first and the fifteenth of each month. This change means you must plan ahead to get those special prices on your bulk orders.
  • We regret having to make this announcement, but because our suppliers have increased their prices, we are forced to do likewise. Our commercial tables will now cost $350 each.
  • Good news! We are delighted to inform you that we no longer require a $100 minimum purchase per order. We will now accept orders as small as $50.
  • Due to our recent merger with the Doe Corporation, the board has voted to raise the prices on our entire stock. We hope that this change is only temporary.
  • We send this letter to inform you that beginning January 1, we will charge a $25.00 processing fee for any order to be filled within seven days. Although we understand that any price change can be a burden, we need to make this change in order to continue to keep the rest of our prices low.
  • Effective at the start of next year's contract renewal, you must begin paying for the gas and electricity used in your apartment; however, because of this increase in your cost of living, I will not raise rent this coming year.
  • Because you were recently involved in an automobile accident that proved to be your fault, we must raise your premium rate. Please come to our office at your convenience this month so we can make the necessary changes in your policy.
  • In order to cut the costs of running our recreation center and to save you money, the snack bar will now be opened from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., instead of from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • In order to avoid raising interest rates on checking accounts having a monthly balance of less than $1,000, we are increasing some processing costs. Effective March 1, we will process your first ten personal checks at no cost each month. We will charge one dollar for each additional check thereafter. Furthermore, we will now deduct $1.50 from your account for each transaction made at an automatic teller that does not belong to this bank.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • after carefully considering all the options
  • are pleased to inform you that
  • effective from the beginning of
  • has been one change in policy since
  • hope that this change will be temporary
  • in order to continue to
  • in order to cut the costs of
  • in order to keep our prices low
  • in order to maintain our
  • in order to avoid
  • in order to keep costs in line with
  • increased production costs have made it necessary to
  • inform you that beginning on
  • market forces dictate that
  • need to make this change in order to
  • new policy which will enable us to better serve you
  • there seems to be no alternative to
  • we find ourselves obliged to
  • we held off as long as we could but
  • we regret having to
  • we find ourselves in a position where
  • we have been forced to
  • we are delighted to announce that

2 Explain how the customer will still benefit.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • In spite of this change, we can still offer you lower overall costs than many of our competitors, and we will always give you the highest quality products.
  • Even though we have raised our prices, we want you to know that we remain dedicated to making your work environment as clean and comfortable as possible.
  • Please understand that we want to serve every customer to the best of our ability, and because we have increased the price of our commercial tables, we now offer a one-year free warranty on them.
  • Although the change in your policy will mean that your insurance will cost more, we will continue to offer you full coverage and convenient service.
  • Now you no longer need to scramble to find enough customers to fill that $100 minimum order. We think you will be able to fill the $50 minimum order more easily.
  • Keep in mind that these changes will ensure that the interest rate on your account will remain steady. Also, remember that if you keep more than $1000 in your account, we will waive the above-mentioned fees.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • always offer the highest quality
  • always difficult to make a change but
  • can still offer you
  • commitment to quality remains
  • continue to offer you
  • customer service representatives happy to answer your questions
  • dedication to serving our customers is unchanged
  • have held our prices steady for the past
  • have extended our warranty period to
  • help us serve your needs more efficiently
  • in spite of this change
  • is our first price increase in
  • lower overall costs than
  • maintain our reputation for quality
  • make it even easier to place your orders
  • prices still unbeatable
  • retain our excellent
  • still offer the best package around
  • will find long-term benefits
  • will always put our customers first
  • will reduce paperwork

3 Thank the customer for his or her loyal patronage.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • We thank you for your understanding as we make these important changes.
  • We are sorry for the inconvenience, but are sure that these changes will help us serve your needs more efficiently. Thank you for choosing Doe Timeshares for all your vacationing needs.
  • Thank you for your loyal patronage. Please let us know if you need our assistance.
  • I want to thank you for all the business you have given us in the past and hope that you will understand the necessity of this change.
  • We've been pleased to serve you during the last year.
  • On behalf of the Doe Corporation, I wish to express my thanks for your significant investments in our company.
  • We appreciate all you have done to help our business succeed. You are a highly valued customer.
  • I want to thank you for all the time and effort you take to meet with our representatives. We appreciate your business.
  • Thank you for choosing us to serve all your custodial needs.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • apologize for the initial inconvenience
  • appreciate your business
  • appreciate your understanding
  • appreciate your investments in our
  • feel free to call with any questions
  • hope you will find the new system more
  • hope you will understand the necessity
  • hope to continue to work with you
  • keep our commitment to excellent service
  • let us know if you need assistance
  • look forward to serving you again
  • sorry for the inconvenience
  • sure that you will appreciate the increased convenience
  • sympathize with your frustration at rising costs
  • thank you for your understanding
  • thank you for your loyal patronage
  • thank you for all the business you have given us
  • thank you for choosing us for
  • will keep our prices as competitive as possible
  • will continue to keep prices low
  • you are a valuable customer