Invite a Prospective Customer to a Sales Appointment, Presentation, or Demonstration

Letter #1


Thank you for your time last week. As I mentioned, I am especially eager to introduce you to a new product that will make mealtimes much more enjoyable. If you have ever been hungry but have not wanted to take the time to fix something, or if you have ever been discouraged by the clean-up that follows, you won't want to miss this new product.

I am demonstrating our revolutionary system at the home of Jane Doe Saturday morning, June 5, at 10:00 a.m., and hope you can join us. If this time is inconvenient, please call me at the Springfield store or at home (555-5555) and we will work out another schedule. I hope to see you soon.

Letter #2


Last weekend when you talked about the possibility of buying a new home, you showed interest in our floor plans, so I thought you would like to see a model home that is being finished this week.

Our homes offer many amenities that are normally found only in much higher priced homes. Extra touches include walnut cabinets, plush carpets, double-glass windows, and French doors. Come see for yourself! Call me at 555-5555, and I will arrange to meet you there for a personal tour.

Letter #3


A friend of yours, John Doe, mentioned that you are in the market for a new stereo system. We here at Springfield Sound offer the widest selections of stereo systems and components in the state. Yesterday we received a large shipment of new components that we have organized into affordable, high-quality packages. I will demonstrate several of these new systems on Saturday, June 3, at 4:00 p.m. I hope you will be able to join us. If not, stop by our store at your convenience to experience state of the art stereo sound.

How to Write this Sales Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

The purpose of this letter is to ask for a face-to-face meeting to sell your product or service. When extending the invitation, hint at what your services or product can do for your reader, but leave the details out. A good way to intrigue the reader is to ask a leading question or a series of leading questions pertaining to what you offer.


  1. If applicable, remind the reader of any previous contact or of any referrals.
  2. Give a sales pitch but don't give all of the details. Make the customer want to know more about your product or service.
  3. Ask the prospective customer to meet with you to discuss the product or service.

Write Your sales in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 If applicable, remind the reader of any previous contact or of any referrals.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • I enjoyed meeting with you at our booth last week. Thank you for your interest in our product.
  • Our mutual acquaintance, John Doe, informed me that you wish to purchase a new computer system.
  • Thank you for responding so positively to the letter we sent you about our fabulous new hair care products.
  • I appreciated speaking with you on the phone concerning the Doe Health and Fitness Center located across the street from your corporation.
  • I received your drop-card in the mail a few days ago and want to thank you for your prompt reply.
  • A friend of mine, John Doe, recently told me that you are shopping for a station wagon that will accommodate your growing family.
  • You have been a loyal customer for many years and have made use of our financial consultation services. I want to tell you about some additional services we can offer you.
  • Thank you for the helpful comments you made during our phone conversation last Friday. I am now better prepared to make a proposal that will meet your company's needs.
  • You may not remember me, but we met at the American Surgical Conference in Springfield last month. You gave me your card because of your interest in our line of heart catheters.
  • Your accounting team asked me to show them how our financial organization and accounting software could help them work more effectively. They were amazed at what it could do.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • appreciated the opportunity to
  • appreciated the interest you showed in
  • appreciated your comments on
  • are once again presenting
  • enjoyed listening to
  • enjoyed our brief conversation
  • enjoyed meeting you at
  • have given some thought to your remarks about
  • in response to your enquiry about
  • information you requested
  • missed you at the presentation
  • most enjoyable chat about your
  • opinion you expressed about
  • opportunity to meet you
  • our telephone conversation of
  • suggested that I get in touch with you
  • received your card expressing interest in
  • responding so positively to
  • sorry you couldn't make the presentation
  • thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and
  • thank you for stopping by our
  • thank you for taking the time to
  • thank you for talking with me about
  • thank you for your helpful comments about
  • too bad you had to be out of town during the
  • understand that you are considering
  • was given your name by
  • your positive response to
2 Give a sales pitch but don't give all of the details. Make the customer want to know more about your product or service.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • Is your business in danger of bankruptcy? Read the remainder of this letter to learn the main financial pitfalls that threaten the small business owner.
  • You don't have to be wealthy to afford a life insurance plan that will secure your family's financial future after you die.
  • Did you know that your rent may be as high as a house payment? You can get a home loan even if you don't make much money. At the Doe Mortgage Company we specialize in low income housing options.
  • I know that you plan to host a conference next year. Have you already started planning a theme for the decor and food? Have you begun searching for that perfect location for the conference? Have you organized a team to handle all the electrical equipment? Have you thought about choosing a caterer? Maybe you won't have to. We specialize in organizing conferences for large organizations like yours.
  • We sell the widest variety of station wagons in the state.
  • Selecting a new computer system can be a difficult experience, if you don't purchase it from a supplier who understands your computing needs. All of our suppliers offer three consultation hours before you buy and five more consultation hours after you buy--free of charge!
  • You've never had a knife unless you've had a Doe stainless steel multipurpose kitchen knife! Can your favorite knife cut through frozen chicken--bones included--and still slice an overripe tomato? The Doe stainless steel knife can do that and more.
  • I want to give you a luxurious facial and manicure in the comfort of your own home. Why not invite your friends over and have a Doe Cosmetics party--on me?

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • can save you more than
  • can take care of your
  • can save you over
  • complex financial needs
  • could be most helpful to you
  • detailed in the enclosed brochure
  • don't have to be wealthy to
  • have proven themselves in hundreds of
  • have you started planning for
  • impact on your business
  • is our specialty
  • keep reading to find out
  • like similar companies everywhere
  • meet your present and future needs
  • might be interested in our latest model
  • offer a free consultation
  • options we can offer
  • our professional approach to
  • recent research shows that
  • secure your financial future
  • share the latest developments in
  • substantially increase your productivity
  • surprisingly low cost
  • the latest research shows that
  • think you will find that
  • this convenience can be yours
  • this easy-to-sell product
  • thousands of our customers have reported
  • to make your job easier
  • using the most up-to-date techniques
  • we sell the widest variety of
  • we specialize in
  • we understand the needs of a
  • will find this quite thought-provoking
  • would like to show you
  • you can save time and money with our
  • you want the best for
3 Ask the prospective customer to meet with you to discuss the product or service.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • I will call you in a few days to set up a time for our free estimate of your carpeting needs.
  • Call me and tell me what you think.
  • I will be in Springfield next week. Do you think you could clear half an hour in your schedule to look over my proposal?
  • May I drop by your office next Thursday to discuss how our financial services will benefit your corporation?
  • I feel that a face-to-face meeting will be the most beneficial, because then I can answer each of your questions on the spot.
  • Call me at 555-5555 during regular business hours to set up a free consultation visit to discuss your loan options.
  • I would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific needs. Would sometime next week be good? I'll give you a call.
  • I want to present my proposal in person so we can become better acquainted. If you are going to hire a financial consultant, don't you think it should be someone you know and trust? I will call you in a few days to set up a meeting.
  • I will call you to determine the best time for me to present our beautiful cosmetics at your home.
  • The demonstration will be held this Saturday morning at 11 a.m. at our store on Doe street. I look forward to seeing you there.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • arrange an appointment for
  • arrange a meeting
  • at your convenience
  • be my guest at lunch
  • call for a no-obligation quotation
  • come to a demonstration as our guest
  • convenient time for a demonstration
  • demonstration will be held
  • discuss your specific needs
  • discuss this unusual opportunity
  • discuss new developments
  • drop by your office
  • face to face meeting
  • hope to be able to fill you in on
  • hope you will join us
  • just fifteen minutes of your time
  • let me know if you are interested
  • let me know on enclosed card
  • like to show you samples
  • look forward to seeing you again
  • look forward to meeting you
  • look forward to hearing from you
  • make time in your schedule for
  • no obligation on your part
  • please indicate whether you are likely to attend
  • present my proposal in person
  • set up an appointment
  • set up a free consultation
  • several points I would like to explain
  • tell me what you think
  • to explain what it is we offer
  • visit with you further
  • welcome the opportunity to
  • will call when I
  • will call to set up a meeting
  • will call you in a few days
  • work out a date for our meeting