Decline a Request For a Donation

Sample Letter #1


Thank you for inviting us to sponsor the Springfield Gala. We agree that this is a very good cause, but unfortunately we will not be able to help this year.

With the downturn in the economy, our company, like so many others, has had to rationalize our corporate giving, and we have already reached our limits for this fiscal year.

If you will contact us before the end of February of next year, we will be in a better position to consider your application.

We wish you every success in this year's Springfield Gala.

Sample Letter #2


We compliment your work to provide a summer camp for young cancer patients. This is indeed a worthy cause. Rather than donating to individual charities, however, our employees donate through payroll donations to the United Way. We suggest that you apply to that organization for additional funding.

Although we can't commit to monetary support at this time, when you are ready for volunteer labor, a number of Doe employees are willing to help. We wish you much success in this worthy cause.

Sample Letter #3


We recently received your request for donations to local school libraries. We recognize the need for improvement in our children's schools and appreciate your initiative in gathering donations for new books. However, we must decline your request this year because all of our company's charitable resources went to aid victims of the recent flood. Please contact us again early next spring. In the meantime, please accept our sincerest wishes for success.

Sample Letter #4


Thank you for thinking of Doe's Auto Repair as a company interested in the community. Unfortunately, we cannot contribute to the Springfield Cat Association this year, even though we know that you consistently help many needy animals in our city. Our company has already contributed to several charitable organizations this year and our funds are depleted.

Sample Letter #5


Thank you for considering us in your fund raising drive. I have watched the City Cupboard program with great admiration for sometime now. Sadly, we are over-committed for charitable donations this year and will not be able to help you at this time. I passed your letter around the office and posted it in the lunch room. A number of employees have mentioned that they might donate.

I wish you every success in your drive. Please contact us around June next year, and we may be able to help you then.

Sample Letter #6


Recently, I received your fundraising letter describing the financial support required to realize the upcoming programs and services of (Name of Organization). As you know, I admire and feel connected to the purpose and mission of your organization, and I am amazed by the effects of the services you provide. During past fundraising drives, I was able to express my admiration and support of your endeavors with a monetary donation. However, at this time, I regret to say that I am unable to contribute funds to your cause, but please do not view this inability as an expression of my wavering support. I continue to value highly the work that (Name of Organization) does, and I hope to be able to express my admiration and support of the organization again in the future.

Sample Letter #7


I am so sorry that I will be unable to donate to this year's March Campaign. I strongly believe in the work you are doing and have given each year for many years, but my personal circumstances prevent me from helping you right now.

If matters improve, I will send a check later this year, but in any case, please don't remove me from your mailing list. I still want to help and will do my share as soon as I am able to.

Good luck with the March Campaign!

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