Request a Rush Order

Letter #1


Your immediate attention, please! Classes begin in three days and we desperately need forty more history books as indicated below:

Title: Comprehensive History of the United States

Author: Doe, John

ISBN: 0-2967539-x

Class: History 101, American History

Required: 40 books

Type: Hardback

Please ship the books air express and forward the invoice to Doe Academy, 1600 Main Street, Springfield, Kansas 12345. We will make prompt payment. Please call me at 555-5555 if you have any questions. We sincerely appreciate your rapid response.

Letter #2


RE: Rush order

Please rush by overnight mail the items listed below:

We are under contract to deliver programmed diskettes to Doe International by March 31, so we must have this order in our office no later than Wednesday, March 27. Please ship the diskettes COD to the address given in our letterhead.

Letter #3


Re: URGENT! Rush order! Please ship this order immediately. We require the following:

Walfield Wedges downhill skis, two pairs, 185 cm Walfield Wedges downhill skis, one pair, 175 cm Walfield FootBinders downhill ski bindings, four sets Purchase order number 1234-5 (promotional). This order must arrive by Saturday, November 25, or we cannot hold the Walfield promotional ski evening at Springfield ski resort.

Ship to our main store at 1600 Main Street in Springfield. Thank you.

Letter #4


Note: Ship via express mail

Our testing center opens in five days, but we have been unable to find a reliable local source for pencils. Please send us a case of #2 pencils (#55555 in your Spring 98 catalog) by express mail. I am enclosing a cashier's check to cover the cost, the regular postage and handling, and the additional charge for express mail. Our address is 1600 Main Street, Springfield, KS 12345.

Letter #5


SUBJECT: Rush order of sod

Please deliver by 10 a.m. tomorrow morning 4,000 square feet of your premium quality sod to Doe Enterprises at 1600 Main Street, Springfield, Illinois. The president of our company has requested that we hold a garden reception tomorrow evening in honor of our new building, but the landscaping is not yet completed.

I am enclosing a purchase order authorizing payment in the amount of $800, plus tax. Thank you for your promptness.

How to Write this Order Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Customers generally communicate this information by telephone or fax, as time is of the essence. Of course, you should expect to pay for this service.


  1. Use a subject line to emphasize the urgency of the order
  2. Place the order and provide necessary details to insure that your reader will be able to fill the order promptly. Include catalog and reference numbers whenever possible.
  3. Establish a deadline and explain the reason for it.
  4. Make arrangements to pay for the order.
  5. Tell where and how to send the order.

Write Your order in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Use a subject line to emphasize the urgency of the order

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • Subject: Urgent Order
  • Subject: Rush Order of Machinery
  • Note: Please send by overnight express!
  • Note: This is an urgent, rush order!
  • Note: Please RUSH!
  • RE: Rush delivery of order
  • RE: Rush order
  • Note: Express delivery requested
  • Note: For same-day delivery
  • Note: Deliver by March 15
  • Note: Second-day Air requested

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • See step 1 sentence examples.
2 Place the order and provide necessary details to insure that your reader will be able to fill the order promptly. Include catalog and reference numbers whenever possible.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • Please expedite shipping of the office supplies itemized below:
  • We need the following items listed in your current catalog immediately:
  • The steel cabinet I am ordering is exactly like your model 54, except I would like it 17 inches wider, for a total width of 63 inches.
  • The part I need is described in your catalog as "Stock #5555, Electrical plug lockout device," listing for $19.56 each.
  • Please print the business cards on the same color, weight, and texture of card stock, and in the same color of ink as the attached original.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • a copy of the original
  • a purchase order for
  • are pleased to enclose
  • as itemized below
  • as described in your advertisement
  • as we discussed on the phone
  • as listed in your spring catalog
  • attached copy of
  • color preference is
  • confirm my order of
  • described in your summer catalog as
  • enclosed purchase order
  • establish a standing order for
  • exactly as listed
  • if necessary, substitute
  • in lieu of an order form
  • please send me
  • please send us the following
  • preference is for
  • repeat my order for
  • ship the following items to
  • specifications are critical
  • specify the following changes
  • take advantage of your
  • the following specifications
  • to place an order for
  • would like to purchase
  • would like to reserve
  • would like to make a few changes
  • your advertised special on
3 Establish a deadline and explain the reason for it.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • Because of our sale, I must receive the order by July 15 at the latest. If for some reason you cannot have the merchandise to me by that date, please let me know immediately.
  • I have clients waiting for their equipment to come on line, so if the hard drives are not here by Thursday, July 13, I will have to order them from another vendor and refuse delivery of your shipment.
  • As indicated in the original bid specifications, the steel must be delivered to the Springfield job site before August 1, 2019, or a $500 per day penalty will be imposed.
  • We need the video for a presentation on August 23, 2019, so if you cannot ship it to arrive before that date, do not send it. I will not accept it or pay for it if it does not arrive on time.
  • Tardiness in receiving the structural steel is one of the major sources of construction delays. Therefore, I will remind you of the $500 per day penalty stipulated in the contract if the shipment arrives after the specified date of July 1, 2019.
  • Please rush this order! Our computer is down, and my technician tells me that we can only order the parts we need from you. The down time is costing me several hundred dollars a day.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • are needed immediately
  • are in a hurry to
  • arrives here no later than
  • ask that you
  • based on our agreement
  • because of our upcoming
  • can accept the merchandise until
  • clients are waiting for
  • ensure delivery by Friday
  • expedite the order
  • fastest means available
  • happy to pay costs
  • if it does not arrive before
  • if you cannot ship it by
  • if you cannot fill this order by
  • in accordance with our agreement
  • is very important that
  • is imperative that
  • must receive the order by
  • must have the merchandise by
  • must complete all the work by
  • need it in time for
  • need to complete our project by
  • need to deliver our
  • need to receive the order by
  • needs to arrive before
  • next-day delivery service
  • our deadline is
  • please rush this material to
  • please rush the following
  • please expedite the shipping
  • please notify us immediately
  • provide overnight delivery
  • request that you
  • rush the order
  • situation calls for
  • urgent and important
  • we must ask you to
  • will have to refuse delivery
  • will be unable to accept
  • will be liable for
  • willing to pay extra cost
4 Make arrangements to pay for the order.

Sample Sentences for Step 4

  • I have enclosed a check for the required 25% deposit and will pay the remainder of the bill on delivery.
  • Please ship this machinery COD.
  • My attached check for $2,314.78 will cover the full cost of the order plus shipping charges.
  • Please bill this order to my Doe Supplies account (#5555).
  • Charge the order to my Doecard account #555-5555-5555, expiration date 5/97.
  • A money order is attached to this letter to cover the full cost of the order, including specified tax and shipping charges.

Key Phrases for Step 4

  • a check for the full amount
  • as you specified
  • as our contract stipulates
  • as we agreed
  • attached money order
  • bill me for the
  • charge account number is
  • charged to my account
  • cover the express delivery cost
  • enclosed is a check for
  • for the rush shipping costs
  • have enclosed 50% of the payment
  • if the price has changed
  • kindly send the bill to
  • our tax-exempt number is
  • our billing address is
  • please ship COD
  • please charge the order to
  • please bill me or phone me collect if
  • please send a detailed invoice to
  • please bill us
  • please refer to our purchase order number
  • prefer to pay at the end of the month
  • send the bill directly to
  • should cover the full cost
  • understand that we qualify for a discount
  • when invoicing us, please use
  • will pay the balance when
  • will pay the balance upon delivery
5 Tell where and how to send the order.

Sample Sentences for Step 5

  • Please ship the parts by overnight mail and bill my account for this additional service.
  • Please ship the machinery to the job site at the corner of Main and Johnson Streets in Springfield, Kansas, 12345. I will have a forklift on hand to off-load it.
  • I prefer delivery by Doe Postal Service or other reliable carrier.
  • Please have your driver deliver to the back door of our shop during regular business hours. The address is:
    1600 Main Street
    Springfield, Kansas 12345
  • I will pick up the package at the freight dock of your carrier serving this city.
  • I will expect delivery by UPS Second Day service or the equivalent.
  • I assume you will send the package by overnight express.
  • Please send the parts by the fastest means possible--probably by overnight express.

Key Phrases for Step 5

  • arrange back-door delivery because
  • assume that your
  • assume you will send it by
  • authorized to sign for deliveries
  • bill us for the rush service
  • have a firm deadline of
  • if you can't make the deadline
  • kindly insure the goods
  • must be delivered by
  • must receive these items by
  • must receive the merchandise by
  • only during business hours
  • package for individual shipment
  • please ship the order to
  • please acknowledge this order
  • please make every effort to ship by
  • sent to the attention of
  • shipping delays would be
  • will pay express delivery charges
  • will pick up the package at
  • will expect delivery by
  • will be able to take delivery between