The Man I Will Marry


My sweet knight, I love you with all my heart and soul. When I am in your arms, you make all my worries disappear. I never felt so loved and so happy! I know with you everything is possible and our dreams are destined to come true. You love has taken up residence in my heart and I will never again be alone.

You are truly sent from the heavens where the bravest and sweetest knights come from. I completely overjoyed to know that you will be my husband, and I will be your wife. The love I feel for you is often hard to put into words. I promise you my sweet knight that I will go the distance to show you how much I need you in my life and how much you will always mean to me. The love we have is the true love that belongs to two soul mates and will continue through eternity. I love you!

I am soon to be your wife!