My Sentence


If only you knew how much your absence has pained me. I no longer have that safe place to go to, that special place that was you, safe and secure, and so full of love. I have never experienced such terrible pain which comes from knowing I'll never get to see or hear from you again as my love.

To have given me so much, to have made so many promises, telling me that I could put all my trust in you and that you'd never let me down, then to cut me out of your life in such a manner was cruel. But you decided my fate. By coming into my life, giving me something wonderful and making me believe in you, only to take it all away has sentenced me to a life of emptiness. I don't think I can ever trust anyone with my love again. I'll never know what it's like to be intimate with someone again.

You moved out leaving me behind with nothing but memories. This pain is my lifetime sentence for loving you.

But I refuse to be bitter. So I wish you a good and happy life and hope that we can someday get back into touch as friends.