If Only We Could Go Back In Time


If only we could travel back in time, I would do all the things that I did not do last time. I would be good, not throwing tantrums anymore, cherishing you for who you are, and I would try to be the best love of your life. When I think back on those days we had, it pains me again and again, for I can't imagine how I could have made such terrible mistakes that caused me such a high price--losing you.

Regrets and remorse are what I feel. Even now, a year after we parted, I still care about you and love you, no matter what. We have formed memories for each other that no one else could ever replace. At least we've carved special memories in each other's hearts in which we were the other's first love.

If we could travel back in time, I would seek for every opportunity to hold on to you and not lose you. I would follow you no matter where you went, I would swim the deepest ocean, climb the highest mountain. I love you.