I Miss You and I'm Sorry


It's been a long time since we've talked, and I miss you. I miss that summer and everything we had. I know I acted silly when we were going out, but maybe you did a little, too. If I could turn back time, I would make things better. I heard people say some things, and I let them influence me. I wasn't mature enough to talk things out with you. Instead, I acted like a little girl by ignoring you when you tried to talk to me. I'm sorry for hurting you. Now I want you back in my life because I need a friend like you again.

I don't know how you feel. I know my feelings for you are still the same, and my memories haven't faded.

Now I realize that you don't ever know what you've got till you lose it. I lost you and I regret it. This is how I feel, and I miss you. Can we talk again? I would like to.