I Can't See It


I don't believe our relationship can survive another break up. It seems that we constantly go back and forth, and so many suggestions and promises stay lingering over our heads.

You've got your life all sorted out, except for this relationship and, by the sound of it, you're miserable. Why are you here? Why do you insist on staying together if you're not happy?

I told you once upon a time that I was only on the backburner of your life, and here we are months later, and I'm still back there. Perhaps it's the difference in age. You said last night it was. We want different things--we're at different stages in life.

It's not even the marriage issue any longer. I suppressed that subject in my mind and in my heart a while back. This time I'm looking into the future, and I can't picture us being happy. I cannot see where you will place me as a priority in your life. I don't see marriage, I don't see kids. I don't see you having any interest in being my partner for life. Can you give this relationship the attention it so desperately deserves or not?

I'm not sure I can go on anymore the way things have been. I will let you go if I have to and move on.