Empty Nest


I feel like you are pulling away from this relationship. There are times when you tell me that you love me, but I do not feel like you love me as a man is supposed to love his wife. You tell me this is so unnecessary, but you need to realize it is necessary to me. I am living on our love and when it feels like it is one-sided, that hurts more than you realize.

You also do things that confuse me especially in how you treat our children. You don't seem to try to be understanding; they are growing up and you seem afraid to lose them. But children do grow up and leave home and there is nothing to fear. They will always be our kids; we will always care for them and they know that.

When our children are on their own, we will have more time together. That time can be great for us and especially for rekindling the passion that we once had. You have told me this many times and now you seem to have forgotten and are upset that we will have an empty nest. We are going to be happy and I will do all that I can to make this come true.