Write a Letter Acknowledging Achievements • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Begin by congratulating the recipient on his or her accomplishment or achievement. Specifically mention the achievement.
2Expand or elaborate on your congratulations.
3Close with a positive statement, often a repeated expression of congratulation.


Acknowledging the accomplishments and achievements of customers, business associates, and civic leaders is a valuable method of maintaining your business's goodwill. These letters are usually brief and personal, often use the friendly letter form, and generally use a warm complimentary closing.

Example Letter #1


Congratulations on your son's Eagle Scout award. I know what kind of effort goes into earning such an award and how hard you must have worked to help him do his best. You have been a great example to many parents who work with you every day.

You deserve to feel proud, and I hope you have many more opportunities to see how your patient and tireless parenting has paid off.

Example Letter #2


Way to go! I just read that your cartoon was judged the best entry in the yearly search for new talent. I have chuckled at your cartoons in our local paper over the years. Now you will be published in national papers. I am pleased that I can say, "I knew you when." This is great!

Example Letter #3


I was a one-man standing ovation when I heard you were Springfield High's Valedictorian this year. What an accomplishment: To graduate number one in a class of over 800 students while taking science and math classes! Have your parents' feet touched the ground yet?

Example Letter #4


We were so pleased to hear about your promotion to branch manager at the Lincoln County office. While we hate to see you leave the Springfield branch, we know that you deserve the recognition and the increased responsibility. It has been such a pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the good work!


Expand or elaborate on your congratulations.

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